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Hi there,

I installed Ryzom manually on my Ubuntu 16.04 a few weeks ago (by following the instructions on this page). Now that a new patch has been done for Anlor Winn, when I try to launch the game I see a window with the patch details, and a click on "Patch" just leads to an "update failure" message with no further explanation (the help button is a broken link).

In the patch details I see a list of files and they are all with a size of 0.0 Mio, so I guess that I just need to get those files and put them in a specific folder. Does anyone know how to proceed?

Thanks for your help!


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You can run ryzom_client_patcher. You may need to make it executable first with chmod +x ryzom_client_patcher

After thats done its thing, run
chmod +x ryzom_client crash_report ryzom_client_patcher ryzom_configuration_qt ryzom_installer_qt
to make them executable again and you should be able to run ryzom again



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Thanks for the answer!

I've run ryzom_client_patcher, but got the message "Error: Error: Patch process ended but the patch has not been successfully applied. Patch failed!"

Here is the complete log if it helps:

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log.log or client.log should have reason why it failed. maybe disk full or write permission issues.



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I can see in the client.log that there is an integrity problem with one file...


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Thanks for helping me! Not sure what was wrong but I did a reinstall and this is working well now. :)

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