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I recently switch my main desktop to Moksha (Enlightenment fork). Now Ryzom switches from fullscreen to windowed mode when I alt-tab it worked correctly under KDE. The base system is Bodhi Linux (Ubuntu 16.04 LTS). The devs say that Moksha doesn't draw borders of any kind unless asked for and that if there is a way to have Ryzom run windowed borderless it may fix the issue. Right now I'm running in windowed mode which is ok if that is my only option, but I'm hoping for a fix.
Thanks :)

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If you switch webbrowser (Midori) to fullscreen using F11 and use alt-tab, what happens?

I can only test in virtual machine, but I get Midori with url bar hidden (ie fullscreen) with window decorations. I get the same behaviour for Ryzom.



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The behavior is the same as it is with Ryzom.

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Not sure I understand the problem. You have not those kind if borders? emes/


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Not sure I understand the problem.

Fullscreen apps are not handled correctly. Not specific to Ryzom because same behavior with other apps (midori browser).

App switches to fullscreen fine, but after alt-tab, window manager treats app as windowed app (draws brorders, shows taskbar). App still thinks its in fullscreen.



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Bingo Karu. I'm using kde for ryzom
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