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Atys lover looks for plans for 3D printing of a mektoub.
Thanks in advance.


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Should be working fine, has 5 animation: idle, swimidle, trumpet, running, walking so you can pick a pose in whatever 3d program your printer uses.

Its a .blend file, if your 3d printer software cant open that, you have to install blender and save in a format your printer software can use.

Didn't know if you wanted normal Mek or mount or packer, the above is the normal "wild" mektoub so no saddle

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Make sure to print some Kipees aswell!



PS: Thanks to Magez!

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Thanks a lot you two!
I pass at once the "plans" to my "subcontractor" and will keep you aware of the next steps.


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The mektoub is printed!


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Looks great, like how all the corner lines give it some charm, its also surprisingly smooth did you do that or did it come out that way?

reminds me of some bear and elephant wood statues my grandma used to have up on the fireplace.

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@ Magez
I did nothing by myself... But the animal once printed has indeed been gently sanded by my "subcontractor".


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Here are, as promised, the first two animals of my menagerie. For the childish joy I feel to contemplate them, I send my sincere thanks to Magez and Arcueid (the designers) as well as to Niakulu and Baaldgarde (the crafters).... With my best wishes for the new year.

• Mektoub from Verdant Heights •

• Kipee of the Forest •

P.S.: The mektoub measures 4 inches at the withers.

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hehe looks amazing, the paint is well done.

best wishes to you too and everyone else :)


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Well done they are really nice :)
Joli travail ils sont vraiment sympa :)

Ca fait un peu pliage en papier je trouve, j aime bien !

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I send my sincere thanks to Magez and Arcueid (the designers)
All thanks go to ryzoms open assets, I just had to strengthen a few areas of the Kipee model. Nice results!



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