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Rocho got lost for a moment contemplating the froth left by the sweet wine on the wall of his floral cup. A pressure on his shoulder took him back to present time and he looked up on his interlocutors which seemed to be hanging on his every word. In another circumstance, the rich ornaments of these Matis could have eclipsed the remainders of glory that Rocho was wearing, but in the current situation, his experience gave him an authority that he was relishing. He had a fat laugh. As expected his matis guests got confused. Behind him, the daughter of Scrappy took this opportunity to whisper a few words in his ear. Rocho then exclaimed, solemn : “ All right! You will have your mercenaries! But don’t come back to me without result or face the pain! ”
After the leaving of the Nobles, a young matis sneaked into the tent. His frail stature was increasing his youthful appearance.

-“ Father, you send for me ? ”
-“ Yes my son. It’s time for you to prove yourself. It is essential if you want to take my succession leading the tribe. I send you then for an undercover operation in Yrkanis. Monitor the dissident Nobles for me and try to integrate to the Kingdom. ”

The young matis had a look full of apprehension to Scrappy’s daughter whom he guessed the body in the shadows. After a brief silence he dared to speak again.

-“All right Father. My stanzas will give you information, be certain.

Rocho approved with a nod et concluded.
-“Take particularly care: nobody should suspect who you are!”

Later this night, a hooded homin left the First Deserter’s camp to go deep in the forest toward Yrkanis.

Extract from an amber cube titled “The Price of Freedom”

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