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Dialog between Supplice and Season, 2594 CA1

Season comes into the room where Supplice is resting in this early winter’s morning and finds the Sage deeply meditating deep in meditation. He greets him with a calm, flat voice. His tired gesture reveals his advanced age.

-Kamia'ata, li-sen'o aribini ! (1)

Supplice’s voice is weak and full of pain. Season seats sits next to him.

-Lu ochi kai nu, ochi ne ochi? Lu'o sokna-ito Wan Fai-Du taki tawa nu akaba. (2)
-Yui. Nu goo-le. Atys goo-le.
-Nu gan itou goo. Nu li-kai Foo-Kea'o talao akaba, su ne taki akaba. Nu li-kai Kyo'o taleng akaba, su li'boo.
-Kyo. Nu'o qi-zi kyo nu'o fuu-zi.

Supplice’s voice finishes in a whisper. A pearl of sap oozes from his mask.
Season remains silent for a moment, then, feeling the right time, resumes the discussion:-Niu ne den kai lu no. Jia den ? (3)
-Tao Sian Kwai sok...

Supplice doesn’t finish his sentence: concentrated on his meditation, he fights his inside pain inside. But the essential is has been said. Season stays for a moment on at Supplice’s side, silent, trying to share his meditation. Finally, Wan Fai-Du enters the room and prostrates three times before Season, silently. He says to his master:-Tao Sian Miko wang lu'o mizu oko kai lu ke. (4)

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