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For those of you who need "Lixie Jools".

With all the plod teams that occur on Atys, materials for Lixie Jools are readily available. Fine Ploderos Eyes / Nails make superb fire resist jools which will keep ya up thru a bomb explosion at Lixie. With 85 % Fire Protection, they well exceed the max 70% your toon can take advantage of.

If ya want a set, it usually takes about 65 of each (w/ degrades) to make a HQ set. We have been collecting them (from our teams, other guilds have been donating and grabbing off vendors) Anyone who needs a set for an upcoming NPC Hunt, just yell and we get you one. If ya have the 65 eyes & 65 nails great ... if not we'll pull mats out of "the bank" and you can pay back "the bank" when ya got em .. interest free :)

Four (4) sets currently "in stock"
Two (2) more can be made from existing materials stocks.85.0   Fire Protection

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Azad - Provided 2017-07-19
Northstar - Provided 2017-07-26
Niloc - Provided 2017-08-03
Rockmart - Provided 2017-08-03
Stiara - Provided 2017-08-03
Eqlima - Provided 2017-08-03
Sence - Provided 2017-08-10
Tyrralir - provided 2017-08-28

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Stock running short... so if anyone doing plods, please save.


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