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Hey all 1h masters and other friendly Homins all around!

I've been slashing the evil Slavenis for a while now with my sword&dagger in GoC. As dodge creature's they are easy to get hits on with my adv dodge -20 off hand dagger and enchants makes the fight fast and enjoyable (as long as the weapon is doing more damage than enchants).

Now after these devilish flowers I've thought of fighting the scary firebreathing Ocyx, but after them, I have no idea what mob to start grind killing on. This is where I would need help from those who have mastered 1h fights, where did you grind near master and against what sort of monsters?

Some thoughts inside the little head of mine;

Bolobis seem to need a team and getting one up is too much for me.

Cuttlers resist slashing like maniacs. Getting more exp for dagger is good thing, but many times the fight is over before Cuttler is dead.

Jugulas/Najabs arent dodging at all, so the speciality of offhand dagger is going waste. Same might apply for high HP kitins like Kinchers and Kirostas, but for those, having team could be mandatory as well.


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Far away in GoC you have 233 slavenis did you went there ?

Did you try great kipestas (239) ? they are weak among kitins. Try to find jewels with fire protection.

Above that you have torbaks (1.5 xp factor) 230 and 240 along the lake in Loria, but you'll need a healer or use the water.

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I think that for most above lvl 220, a healer is required or at least strongly recommended. If you have enough sap crystals (or faction points to buy them) consider use of enchants to get additional damage. I trained my masters in most weapons with enchants, that is particularly useful with mobs with relatively low hp such as hornchers, cuttlers, kipesta, and kizoar. I used to acquire nation points by doing the touring the camps mission, later also NH.

The 233 slaveni are great, but highgrove is not that easy to reach.


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Healer is awesome thing to have on any level and I agree on what you wrote.

After mastering hand to hand combat, I feel my weapon should do most of the damage this time. It just became obsession and using hundrets and again hundrets of sap crystals like they were the air I breath. Trying to avoid that feeling this time. Perhaps on next fight I will try to find a balance and follow your way again =).


The 233 slavenis feel a bit harder opponents than same level Ocyx since I can use attack after dodge to limit my stat usages and I do dodge many hits. Same doesnt seem to apply on the level 224 Prodegious versions, or perhaps the difference is again in my head. Perhaps it's just that plant killing is starting to be enough. Also getting to the highest level Slavenis is sometimes very hard and taking lots of time away of fighting itself! =)

What an coincidence, Slaveni buds are fire protection... ;). Will give Kipestas a try.

I have overlooked Torbaks, they might be the opponent I'm looking for! The sun, sand and blue lakes sounds very refreshing. Easier to go and fight for just a short while too. Sounds perfect!

Thank you both for answering!


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