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cry is something you do?
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#1 [en] 

now in this time of the game most players (kamis) cry alot, Cry when they cant handle rp, cry when they lose pvp, or cry just because they crave to cry. marauders have not mastered crying, kamis have crying mastered. So being that crying is already in the game...should be introduced as a real skill. I have seen the power of crying first hand and it seems to work alot. Skill should be underneath emotion affliction. Players should level up this skill at pvp locations and Rp spots. (if your kami then really anywhere) There should be lvl of cry. Cry 1, cry 2, cry 3 etc. Players who dont get there way and need comfort should have this. Would really make the kamis more "awesome" then they already are, getting ops and bosses and winning Pvp would be easy for any of us. To use this skill players would simply hit the Cry 1 stanza and a GM would appear and help you win, its quite a genius idea, kamis seem to do it all the time and being marauder i am jealous at how loud there cry is. Sometimes i walk into void and hear kitins, i wondder if that is the noise of kami cry spell q250. Is really strong and i suggest you get the skill soon, or else no bosses for you, no rp, no pvp, and most of all no OPS :D

#2 [en] 

Warcry already exist, so no need to add action twice :D


#3 [en] 

must be what kamis use :p

#4 [de] 

erstens, ist das (sry) ne scheiß Idee.
zweitens, ist das hier ein Ideen Forum für ernst gemeinte Vorschläge
drittens, hat man eine Weinen emot die muss ausreichen ;D

wenn dich das Gejammer so nervt, wie es auch mich oft tut, dann ignoriere den Chat ;D das hilft ungemein. auch wenn es im Moment bedeuten kann, das ich keinen Chat mehr lese ;D

Lösungsvorschlag ^^

/channel anticry


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#5 [en] 

I give you one point for crying on the forum ;-)


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