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#1 [fr] 

mon appli in game 'TabCraft' a des problèmes d'affichage dans le navigateur ingame depuis le dernier patch ryzom.
Pourriez-vous me dire ce qui a changer ???


#2 [en] 

Interesting... you using background image on <td> to display the content and then transparent icons to make the links.

But ... why?

Ingame browser also has mouseover image support with <img src="normal.png" data-over-src="mouseover.png">

As for the bug, it seems to be related to image caching. Checking it.

ingame browser capabilities has the changelog for tags



#3 [en] 

Background image does not show when server responds with "HTTP 304 Not Modified". You can work around the problem by disabling image caching on server until this is fixed on ryzom client.


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