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Bonjour , j'ai eu une idée hier soir en pleine insomnie . Il faudrait que les guildes puissent se prêter allégeance entre elle , en gros : une grande guilde possédent 3 moyenne guilde qui possédent chacune 2 petite guilde . Les guildes s'apportent des avantages entre elles , peuvent se prêter soutient ... Je pense qu'a long terme ça eput créer des sortes de grosse faction , qui se batterait non-stop pour le controle des avant poste , avec des effectifs bien plus grand que de simples guildes . Pour éviter cependant que cela n'aboutissent sur une seule grande guilde qui "possédent" toutes les autres , ils faudrait que seule les guildes de même alignement puisse se prêter allegance , et pour les neutres , ils ne pourrait ni avoir de suzerain ni avoir de vassaux , pour redonner tout un sens à la neutralité . Pour les differents avantage inter-guilde il faudrait s'inspirer du systeme de seigneurerie du moyen-age.

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Sounds great.

#3 [fr] 

très bonne idée .


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I have only just started playing Ryzom so I haven't chosen a theology yet but it seems to me that some existing choices for the theolgy of the Warlords Movements would be:

+ Pro Kami
+ Pro Kara
+ Separatists (mara)

and of course 

+ Non aligned (choosing to not support any of the three theologies)

There could be a "War Chest" where any of the guild members that are aligned can deposit stuff to help the war effort.

Any support (donations of dapper, armor, weapons or joining OP raid) given to one of the 3 Warlords would be rewarded with "Warlord Tokens".

"Warlord tokens" would be a new currency.

"Warlord tokens" could be used to purchase
+ new crafting recipees
+ OP mats
+ new weapons and armor from a "Warlord Vendor"
+ stuff from the "War chest" (cheap to buy)
+ new 'haircuts'/'head covering' specific to that "Warlord"
+ teleports to places like Prime Roots

Obtaining Warlord tokens would result in large negative fame gains-
Gaining tokens from the "Pro Kami" Warlord would reduce your fame with Kara
Gaining tokens from the "Pro Kara" Warlord would reduce your fame with Kami
Gaining tokens from the "Separatists" would reduce your fame with both kami and kara.

It seems that:
people with the largest kami fame should have more votes when it comes to calling for an attack on an OP?
people with the largest kami fame should have more votes when it comes to calling for an attack on an OP? 
people with the lowest kami+kara fame should have more votes when it comes to calling for an attack on an OP?

But I am only a Noob so I don't understand any of the late game stuff.

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Perhaps I am being naive to think that the Kami and Kara factions would put themselves in a position where they could be blamed for starting hostilities.

Much better for the more extreme kami, kara and separatist factions to provide support for one of the tribes so that tribe could carry out (and be blamed for)the anti-kami or anti-kara or pro-homin raids.

I don't know the lore well enough to suggest three tribes so I will just refer to them as:
pro-kami warlord tribe
pro-kara warlord tribe
pro-homin warlord tribe

In this way a player could gain fame with one of the three warlord factions without loosing their existing teleport choices.

The pro-homin warlord tribe is probably in PR and would have it's own portals or teleports to the surface worlds?

I may be off-topic but it seems to me that the kara are doing some research on controlling the kitins through the use of extracts of goo. (Some might refer to this as a Black Art). The ability to summon herds of Kitin to openly fight for you (or to secretly attack your opponents outposts without causing any blame to fall on you) would no doubt be something that would be irresistable to anyone wanting to increase their own power.

I think that the pro-kara warlord tribe  should be able to summon kitin to fight for them. They could sell 'Kitin summon tokens'.

The 'Summon Kitin Token' is purchased using 'pro-kara Warlord Tokens'.

The cost of summoning a kitin should decrease as the players fame with that tribe increases.

In terms of the AI for the summoned kitin I think it could be aggro towards players with a low fame with the 'pro-kara warlord tribe'. 

There could be a heirarchy of guilds that support one of the tribes:
'Kingdom level guilds' (above 150 fame with the pro-kara tribe)
'Champion guild' -  highest fame with the pro-kara tribe.
'Warlord level guilds' (above 100 fame with the pro-kara tribe)
'Serf level guilds' (above 50 fame)

If a player in a pro-Kara guild gains (say) 10,000 'pro-Kara Warlord tokens' then 2,500 'pro-Kara Warlord tokens' would be given to every 'Serf level guild', 5,000 'pro-Kara Warlord tokens' would be given to every 'Warlord level guild' and 7,500 'pro-Kara Warlord tokens' would be given to every 'Kingdom level guild' the 'Champion guild'.

To provide a benefit for each of the 3 warlord tribes they could have a unique action like 'Summon kitin', maybe they could be:

Summon Kitin (for pro-kara)
Summon defender of the one mind (for pro-kami)
A new 'interrupt heals' for mellee attackers (for mara)

The new bonuses should not be balanced enough to support stagnation of the game, they should present new oportunities for players to develop new strategies - not just enforce the Staus Quo so all new blood leaves.

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What about rangers, trytonists, theists and those who support a civilization only?

You suggest a lot of things that will require a lot of changes and also changes that should stay in roleplay.

And I definitely can't support any fighting between homins. Really? Fight more homins using kitins? You should stop smelling goo :P

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Lore would not support the summoning of Kitins unless there was a major event to discover some of their secrets. Certainly the idea of calling Kitins to attack others is laughable. If Kitins come, they will attack everyone.


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And kitins are already here :D

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If Lore does not support summoning kitins then I need to change the mob to something else but as far as it attacking all players that depends on it's AI i would assume. I was thinking that the summoned mob would inherit the AI for an NPC from the tribe that sold the summon and would therefore behave like an NPC from that tribe (even though it's 'skin' was kitin).

And as far as sniffing goo - don't knock it until you have tried it.

BTW sorry if I have hijacked this thread.

#10 [fr] 

Les factions remplisse déjà le rôle d'entre-aide inter-guilde pour la conquête d'avant-poste.


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And I definitely can't support any fighting between homins.

I don't like PVP -  my reflexes are bad because I am too old so I like cooperative play which is what I like about Ryzom but it appears that every successful game these days has a significant proportion of PVP. I would like Ryzom to be successful. A common complaint about Ryzom seems to be that the PVP audience is not being catered for so I am making suggestions for mechanisms that will bring PVP into the storyline while not making it mandatory. I have the feeling that some new chapters to the storyline would bring a lot of old players back into the game and with an increased player base new players would not immediately leave because the game is so 'Dead'. The changes that I suggest would unbalance the gameplay and require old players to come up with new strategies to win, don't you want a game that makes you think from time to time?

I am (at heart) in Ryzom because I like the crafting system and the ability to customise spells because these make me think, however I will continue to play devils advocate for anything that will increase the player base.

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[…] but it appears that every successful game these days has a significant proportion of PVP […]
It's true since 1997 in MMO world !


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And? Sorry, but argument "everyone does it" has no value for me. I am not looking for a game that is like all others. In that case I could play other games.

Besides, what is not working with current PvP? I saw some homins fighting yesterday and it didnt look like its broken...

#14 [de] 

viele mögen und können auch kein pvp ^^

leider ist es ein fester Bestandteil bei den Eroberungen der Außenposten ^^

wo doch eigentlich die tribes diese Ausgabenposten im Grunde besessen haben und aufbauten ^^

es gibt immer noch in den tribe lagern Ausgabenposten Offiziere ^^ die keine Funktion mehr haben ^^

ich glaube diese sollten dazu dienen material anzunehmen, um zerstörte Außenposten wieder aufzubauen.
leider ist beides nie passiert :) wäre aber einmal eine gute idee die man evtl ins auge fassen sollte mhhhmmm


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