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Today there was noone on who could make use of the armor and jewelery I have grown out of. Yet it's still too good to throw out. And constant asking is borderline spamming.

Would it be a good idea and possible to introduce a (set of) charity chest(s) where everyone can drop off stuff they don't want any more but can't sell bc it's partly damaged? I hate so much effort lost after maybe one third of it's max life span!
To limit the amount of stuff I'd suggest the same timeout mechanism that the traders use, though I'd set a longer timeout of maybe 2 weeks.

May I ask for some opinions please? Thank you.

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If, it has to be made the way players will not exploit it using as storage. So maybe you can put in and not withdraw and maybe jsut low level players should be able to withdraw?

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Increasing the time merchants hold wares would fix this aswell. Sending out an Izam mail to the player when the hold time is over and the wares have to be either picked up again from the merchant or sold again to either the NPC or the player.



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We talk about used items that can't be resold.

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Hum, you have a point here, Moniq. On the other hand, nobody would risk using a place for storage where literally everybody else could take their stuff. And for basically worthless stuff nobody wants, there's still the timeout.

Arcueid, that Izam mail would be obsolete if you consider that stuff you put in there just "gone". Items that are too old just vanish, since nobody is interested anyway.

Basically: Drop it in there and forget about it. Whoever finds your trash to be their treasure - be happy, enjoy, make good use of it.

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Any item donated by a player can only be retrieved by a player on the same account for 5 minutes after they have donated it?

Just in case you put the wrong thing in there.

Can I donate good stuff also - i seem to end up with 100 excellent level 90 one handed swords and only one of those will get resold at the vendor.

Should supreme items be kept for longer than (say) Fine items?

If there is a Basic level 30 Sword in the chest and a Supreme level 30 Sword should the supreme sword be destroyed first if it was there first?

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... and any item that was placed in the charity chest, would be marked so it could not be resold.

I would drop new items in there myself. Begging for someone to take my craft gets depressing after a while.

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... and any item that was placed in the charity chest would be marked so it could not be resold.

That sounds good but it may require some programming resources.

To reduce the amount of work in implementing the "item cannot be resold" attribute could new items that are deposited just loose enough HP so that vendors will not resell them?

"The %itemname% rattled and clanged as it slid down the deposit chute and landed amongst the swords and maces at the bottom of the chute, it may be slightly more secondhand than it was a moment ago"

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.... and maybe just low level players should be able to withdraw?

Yes we don't want some broke level 1 player that skipped the quests on silan removing 200 pieces of level 249 armor and vendoring it for 20 dapper a piece


Maybe a player can only take items that they almost meet the level requirements for.

So if A piece of Armor requires 130 strength and a player has 125 strength then the player could take it but another player with 120 strength could not take it.

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Hm yeah. Or your friend will take it for you. There is a lot of vulnerabilities.

Some time ago i had an idea about such boxes, but on faraway places, where you usually don't come. Something like safe boxes. Anyone could put anything in or take what needs. But I still imagine playes exploiting such thing.

Maybe we need to try it from other end?

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