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At the beginning of this sunny afternoon, a moist heat was surrounding Yrkanis and, whereas plebs were going about their business yet with more indolence than usually, the Nobles were enjoying the coolness of their lounge in their tree-house. Nevertheless, there was a young noble matis girl who was going through the city on a determined step, irresistibly attracting attention of the young homins, both by her nobles manners and her exciting beauty.

The exceptional warmth of this Thermis month didn’t seem to disturb her much although she was wearing a long funeral dress that was girding her chest and falling around her in a silky drape. The young noble walked in her wavy purple dress, followed by an old maid her arms full of flowers and a cohort of obsequious with modest attires. Some of them tried to attract her attention by making a deep reverence or telling a vibrant “My respects, Filirae Xytis!” without getting more than a slight nod in reply.

Near the Yrkanis great gate, beauty left the intruders which broke up with a slight rumbling, as an izam’s flight full of bright colors. Her maid had a look at them a while before following her suit toward cemetery. A burial had been recently dug there according to the dark bank overlaying it, strongly contrasting with the surrounding bark covered by moss and other micro-vegetation.

- You can put the flowers here, Nine.
- Alright, Filirae.

As she was arranging the different bouquets on the recent grave, the old servant noticed her mistress touching the little stele marking the place. After observing a respectfully moment of silence, she dared to ask the burning question.

- Excuse me Filirae but … who is resting here ?
- A Fyros who was serving my family for a long time. The announcement of her death had been such a shock! My father thought doing right by engaging you immediately to replace her. In another circumstances, I would have welcome you warmer, but… to be honest, I’m missing her so much!
- The counsellor Xytis didn’t tell me anything about that. Please accept my condolences! exclaimed the maid, confused.
After a moment of silence, she dared to add:
- Are you sure that coming on the grave of a servant is conform to your rank? Don’t you fear the gossip?
The young noble smiled, mocking.
- It has been a long time since I don’t pay attention to these kind of gossip… You know, Nine, even if my father is a royal counsellor, much see him only as a kterhos. My mother had to face the all court disapproving looks when she chose to marry him. Even her friends turned their back… However, she has never regretted her choice. As she uses to say, only the nobility of the heart is important!

The servant thought that this kind of witticism was the privilege of whom had too much enjoyed the living in the court’s prerogatives. But she rapidly wiped this thought away and answered with deference.

- Your mother is a model of uprightness and dignity, Filirae! Only thought that everybody doesn’t share her opinion…
- Do me a favor and stop worrying about my reputation! If you have known someone all your life, is there something more natural than paying her a last tribute? Servant or not, she was a member of my Family, as you are from now on! Wouldn’t you like that I come to deck your grave with flowers, when Jena will call you back to her?

Nine Ginti remained silent. Without knowing, her young mistress had deeply hurt her feelings by reminding her that the only funerals she could aspire will be the ones of a common servant. She, the last member of the noble Family Ginti, the childhood friend of Lea Lenardi, will lay under the cemetery humus with all the others anonymous that history will not remind. Looking up to the top of the capital, irrigated by the immortal sap of it’s noble heroes, she restrained her tears and put a smile of circumstance on her face.

- You’re too kind, Filirae!

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