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Royal Botanist Cuiccio Perinia violently crumpled the letter that had come from the Royal Palace and barely restrained himself from tearing it apart.  It was not done.  Really!? He had better things to do than giving a lecture to some ignorant homins not even able to identify a Dorao from a Dorotea! The Karan was waiting, with more irritation every day, for some progress on the project of the Vegetal Wall.

Cuiccio Perinia unfolded and smoothed out the paper on his desk with exaggerated care. The Karae wanted him to introduce the Forest Flora to everyone. So be it. He would comply gracefully. 

But nonetheless...

He made it known that he was organizing a botanic trip for everyone, except the Marauders and the Légions Fyros, on 7h - Dua, Winderly 2, 4th AC 2593 (*)  and that he would await any interested homins at the entrance to Yrkanis.

(*) [OOC] On Friday, 16 June 2017 19:00:00 UTC (1 year ago). [/OOC]

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Spring Excursion

The irena

The crolice

The salina

The alinea

The dorotea

The botanical lesson of Cuiccio Perinia


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(HRP: nilstilar, il y a moyen que tu mettes ces lucios sur le wiki pour illustrer les articles correspondant (par exemple http://fr.wiki.ryzom.com/wiki/Alinea)? Je peux le faire si tu n'as pas de compte)


fyros pure sève
akash i orak, talen i rechten!

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(HRP: Votre requête, Azazor, est satisfaite.)

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Thank you so much for posting these lucios! Sadly, i missed the event :(

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(HRP: merci ;))
(RP: brûle vil matis!)

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fyros pure sève
akash i orak, talen i rechten!
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