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The careplan actions are not "sticking". They run for two cycles then stop and I have to keep pushing the key. I paid a year subscription and may ask for my money back. This is not a problem with any other version of the client, but the Steam version has a huge problem with apartments and my Win10 drive got fried.

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Maybe you used the stanza "Reduce explosion damage"? It is not designed to keep running, but to only apply once to the node.

If you have this stanza in your careplan action(s), try taking it out and see if there is any difference.


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OMG no one even mentioned this to me. Then it's not a bug, I apologize for making the thread.

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I do that on purpose in order to make it non-sticky. There were too many times where I accidetnally over-healed the Source Life and ran out of Focus as a result.


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