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I suggest translation across the board. In other words, if you post a post in English, and French or German speakers wish to comment in their own language, have it translate into English so you can read their comments.

currently, I believe if something is first posted in language A, and somebody posts in language B or C, then it is not translated into language A.

There was a recent post in English about the 'Freemium model' and the next 6 posts were in French but I could not read them to see what was said. :(

Maybe something is wrong with my computer or my setup, but if not, then i suggest ALL posts be translated into the language of which flag you click irregardless of which language the first poster posted so you can read all posts all the time.

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You can have any page/url translated with google, chrome even offers this as a builtin option. I usually see a small translate link on every post, does it not appear for you?


#3 [en] 

No, my link is gone :(

Already posted problem in the Tech forums under macs
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