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I am at level 151 in melee and in elemental magic.

I have sufficient "BRAINS"-jewels to deal with them.

I am, perhaps, done with the "Prickly"-BRAINS, and MIGHT be ready to take on the "Rattled"-BRAINS.

Now, in Zorai-land the Rattled BRAINS are a PITA to get to.

Question 1:
Is it feasible to take on the rattled-BRAINS now, or should I wait a while?

Question 2:
My alliance WRT both higher powers are in the 33-34 range.
Is the Karavan TP in the "Grove of Umbra" available to me?
That is, does the Karavan TP want me to kiss Jena's fat @$$.

(NO, I will not align with either higher power, so DO NOT even mention THAT option)


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1) I would hold off on Rattled (178) until you are a little higher; maybe 155 or so.

2) In surface 200-zones, both Kami and Karavan TPs allow Neutrals. GoU is a 200-zone, so you can get the Kara TP there.


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Not exactly about the pact buying, Gid: Respawn and Pact buying guide
UB for example doesn't have both Altars neutral. That goes off-topic though: For GoU both TPs are neutral indeed.


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One thing to consider is that Psykoplas partially resist (12%) attacks from both Slash and Pierce weapons, so a mace would do better.


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There are tradeoffs with every level opponent. But a 12% protection should not abhor too much. Most players train with weapons far below max in speed and damage, so simply try to get a weapon with better dmg and speed when training on an opponent with such protection. I mastered most slashing melee skills on hornchers though they have a 50% resistance against slash (granted I used enchant to a high extent).

Plants with magic attack only should be preferred to those with physical attacks as magic protection by jewels is ways stronger than that against physical attacks, and jewels are ways cheaper to craft than heavy armor.

Granted, after 178 psykoplas, there is hardly a way to escape cratchas, or slavenis unless one chooses animals for training.


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Concerning the 12% resistance to slash attacks, the 12% resistance is about 1/8. In my not-so-humble-opinion, the resistance to slash attacks is nominal.

I, likewise, trained in that very area of the Witherings. Since I am "Blessed by The-Duck (QUACK)" I couldn't get a TP pact for the Dreaded Karavan. I dealt with it. I ran there a few times, as the rattled mats are of fine quality, so I collected them. I also rode a mount there as I am kind to my mount, and would not allow anything to eat it.

If the original poster is NOT aligned with a higher power, or if he is aligned with the Dreaded Karavan, it will be easier for you to come and go.

But, the first time is a b!tch..... sort of.

Also, I agree with the "wait a few levels" idea.


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{{Sorry, I don't login very often}}

Thank you for your good advice. I will wait a few bore levels before I attempt the Rattled-BRAINS


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