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I was playing another game, sorry, and I was watching some characters hopping and jumping like rabbits on crack, to avoid from getting hit/killed/splattered.

So, I figure that since is a RESPECTABLE game, we don't want users hopping all over the place when in combat.

How does that sound?


I don't have anything interesting to say anything here

Just move along....

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should have said "since Ryzom is a respectable game"


I don't have anything interesting to say anything here

Just move along....

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Hopping around may spoil the aim of those that must target manually, but Ryzom combat mechanics rely on the skill of the character rather than the reflaxes of some kid hopped up on 12 gallons of Red Bull at the keyboard. In that regard, introducing jumping would not have any real effect on combat since all attacks are auto-aimed, and hits are determined solely by comparing the attacker's skill against the defender's defenses. The only way to make yourself harder to hit is to increase your Dodge/Parry/Resistance.

The fact that youthful energy alone will not lead to success in Ryzom the way it does in most FPS games and certain "action" MMOs that blur the line between RPG and FPS tends to weed out the people who insist on hopping everywhere. Once those are weeded out, what you are left with are more mature players; people with an attention span and a wilingness to learn Ryzom's detailed (and sometimes non/counter-intuitive) mechanics. And when you have a population with a higher percentage of mature players, you wind up with a more respectable community.


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ein weiterer weg stat springen wäre ja ausweichen durch schnelle Positionswechsel, ich mag pvp nicht wirklich, aber wenn plötzlich ein Gummibär vor mir stehen würde, wäre ich noch mehr abgeneigt ^^

wer hüpfen unbedingt haben will sollte, heilen lernen, oder Feuerzauber oder Schockwellen benutzen, hat zwar keine systematischen Auswirkungen, aber wenigstens hüpft ihr bei den spell in gewisser weise XD


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Respectable and dignified I would say. The spectacle of a noble matis warrior hopping around like a cute just doesn't bear thinking about.


It's bad luck to be superstitious . . .

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