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So, as of now, the ingame clock that is displayed on the map only shows what the current hour is.

Would it be possible to have also show minutes? At least in increments of 15m -- so, instead of going 10h to 11h, it could go 10:00, 10:15, 10:30, 10:45, 11:00.

Granted, this is mostly useful for diggers, who have a very narrow timeframe to get their materials -- especially for supremes, where the opening is 6 minutes sometimes. Still, I can see no downside to implementing this as an optional interface feature, so .. why not?


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Why not? Because it still takes programming at the basic level and there are things that are more needed. If it's three lines of code, fine, but it isn't because it's going to change the whole formatting of the map window to put the extra digits in.

If people want a finer clock, they can go to bmsite and use the clock there.

By the way, digging conditions only change on the Atys hour, either remaining steady or ramping to a new level over the course of the next hour. If you are trying to catch the weather parameter "on the fly" as it passes through "good" values you need to use the bmsite graph.


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Shouldn't be hard to change, I changed time for Khaganat, I'll look how hard it is to do...


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Would it be possible to have also show minutes?
Sure. Diggers have good use for those.



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Looks like your wish is fulfilled, nimetu added it to ryzomcore's repo (and it will be in official client whenever a new client is available, but with the lag on atys I suspect ulukyn has other thing to do than a client patch) since wednesday :-)

If you can't wait official patch, check my post for beta client

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Thank you!


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