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We used to have posts w/ walkthru's for the essential as well as interesting missions on bunny.net. On pf them was where this old dude sent you on a quest to find Zorai thinking moss ... I even kept some in my room as a momento.

In a recent discussion was asked about this mission and can't for the life of me remember where mission give was and w/ bunnynet **lost on the interweb**, have no way to look it up.

Is it still in game post merge ?

Anyone remember where ?

I seem to remember the mission giver sitting down, or perhaps next to a sitting NPC, which somehow seemed appropriate. :)


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If he hasn't moved he's up above the central plaza, and just before you go through the arch to reach the teacher of map making.


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I kinda remebered him sitting around near the Medic tent and I had looked there before posting.

Tao Xin Chuan is sitting there but no scroll icon qaboive his head and you can not initiate a dialog with him. Is it perhaps part of one of the serial type missions where ya gotat go around seeing various folks and accomplishing things for them in sequence ?

And no, no other Scroll folks in between him and Mag Cart Master other thna Ranger Dudes


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Xin Chuan (assuming Zorai following chinese diction that would be his given name) is part of the Zorai welcomer missions. He spawns when the mission is invoked at the Zora city welcomer Sai-Ju Fuangi (opposite the stable). He will respond to the player who invoked the mission.


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Thx Dao for helping the CRS afflicted :)

But at least I remebered or at least surmised that it was part of mission sequence so won't start taking Alzheimer's meds just yet. :)

BTW, the Mission Title is "Moss for the Old Hippie Zorai". Unfortunately, the missipon can onlt be taken once ... apparently the devs were concerned about "Thinking Moss being a gateway drug.

* And yes, the "Hippie" part isn't really in the mission title but just makes it sound more fun. Tho it should be enough that the Moss Smoker is the only mission giver that i can remeber encountering that is sitting down :)


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Hmmm... After comming out of her goo vapoured apartment, Naema thinks she will head over to Zora to check out this 'Hippy weed, err Thinking moss?' and learn all about it :P

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Could you get some for me .... (can only be taken once). I don't see the Goo vapor, snow, event goodies, furniture or anything as my apartment has been cleaned out. Only thing I didn't find was the note from the wife saying she took off with her Yoga Instructor.


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