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Dear Homins!

Refugee days have begun again. The homins celebrate their return to the light of the surface after they had to endure some years in the darkness of the Prime Roots following the First Great Swarming. And the homins also celebrate the recapture of the New Lands after the temporary withdrawal during the Second Great Swarming.

Again it's also time to commemorate those who did not return from the Exile caused by the Great Swarmings.

During all the festivities (from Sunday, 16 April 08:00:00 UTC (2 weeks ago) to ca. Monday, 24 April 08:00:00 UTC (4 days ago)), all homins can have fun everywhere on Atys.

Eggs hunt:
Come and hunt big and small eggs across all Atys landscapes. Once again nice surprises and special prizes can be discovered!
¤ you can find small eggs containing useful contents for players of all levels placed by Gubunnies everywhere over the surface on Atys - including Silan
¤ 40 giant eggs can be found on and under Atys - one in each region. Are you a real Atys egg scout? Then prove it now! You will receive one reward each for collecting a whole set of giant eggs. There is a lakeland egg set (discover one giant egg in each region of Aeden Aqueous), a desert egg set, a jungle egg set and a woodlands egg set. In addition to that a set of eggs can be found in all the regions of the prime roots (one egg in Ichor, one egg in Underspring, four eggs in the Lands of Umbra and 3 eggs in the Wastelands). If you manage to find all 40 giant eggs all over Atys, then you will get the final reward! You can check how many eggs you and the 10 best other egg treasure hunters have discovered in which amount of time on the race boards. You will have ca. one week to find them all.

Once again Yubos have to be decimated on Silan, where they become a big nuisance from time to time. After you have fought enough Yubos in the arena, you can trade the hides that you have collected from them for rewards.

Hide-and-seek and other small games:
Spontaneous games that will be announced on "Event" channel at random times can earn you some small rewards. Also fun renaming will be possible again during the Refugee Days.

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I have to congratulate the Egg Hider as many times I found myself 15m from and egg and could not see it ... when I say "devious" and "sneaky", those are compliments.


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