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Maybe something like this would help?

A legendary Clap-Clap! :D

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Haha, I saw in someone's scene that this object actually exists (ok, not that exactly).

Hm, this is much more interresting, as option to mount. You can have one or other. But to implement this it will be more complicated than just rise speed of swimming. On the other hand, similar mechanics can be also used for boats, if that idea is not dead (again).

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this mob?

mount rdy


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Model is one thing, make it work, interaction and functionality, thats the matter.

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Discussions around "quality of life" can run in circles forever, and everyone will just stick to their positions.

Those who have been playing for more than a few months, you will remember New Horizons and how it was previously: you had to give each product individually. Extremely cumbersome, and a lot of players resented it to the point of stopping occupations. Yet, at the time, we also had voices saying "(..) the "improvements" strike me as nothing more than cosmetic"

So, based on previous experience,

- forum posting will achieve nothing, becase you will never have a consesus or at least a significant majority

- even if forums were somehow considered, this little change is at the bottom of the priority list, compared to other tasks (implementation of new rites, etc)

- the fastest way is to clear with WG that they would approve of this change, and then find someone who can do the actual coding on this one

The New Horizons change came about because of ONE enthusiastic player. That seems to be the general modus operandi around here: if you do it yourself, it is done. If you can't do it yourself, asking won't help one iota.

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if you don''t swim thats great, but why bother about a possible change to it if you never swim?

quality of life: will it make swimming less frustrating for the swimmers? yes.

I would have a different opinion if there were not multiple ways to avoid swimming. The NH turn-in issue that Mjollren mentioned was one that effectively locked off part of the game; there were zero ways around it if you still wanted to do occupations. My opinion would also be different if changes were 100% risk-free. I've seen software break in enough odd ways that I'm inherently opposed to changes that bring little benefit, and this idea simply doesn't beat my risk/reward threshold even if it seems like a simple/minor change. Now, if it truly is as simple as altering one variable in the code and changing it absolutely won't affect anything else then fine, but I haven't delved into the code enough to be sure that there won't be unintended consequences.


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To make those "fish" working, there is already some people at work outside of ryzom.

And to answer mjolren, this forum section is not only about asking feature it's about discussing them.

And as Gidget say change for lazy people are ofen a bad idea and are easy game breaking thing.

But still can be nice to discuss about stuff even if it's to be done by an enthousiastic dev/player (but those are many what really count is most often free time to do things).

Ryzom is not design for lazy people as it is more and more in "AAA" mmo, having to know the ground and find the best wayto reach one place or another without porting can also be interresting in some event.

And wait untill we will have the fishing occupation :p

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Wherein is the frustration? You swim, you get wet, all the dirt washes off so you are clean when you come out. Whilst swimming you get to admire the landscape around you and the lakescape below you.

Unlike running in Forest or Jungle or Desert you do not have to worry about being attacked or eaten or shot by bandits. And if you do haul out on a beach and are attacked, safety is just a few meters away.

If you need to go fast, use teleport pacts or New Horizons. They beat any surface travel speed, be it swimming or running.


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Water Mounts! That would totally be the best solution to this... And it shouldn't be that hard implementing, since it works more or less on a different project's server (khaganat).

Other than that i agree that swimming gives you the benefit of not being attacked and that it is a fair downside that you are slower.


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that there's absolutely nothing while swimming is a part of the frustration.


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that there's absolutely nothing while swimming is a part of the frustration.

Nothing? I saw some fishes...
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