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As nobody reacted on my ticket for a day, I want to explain my problem in the support forum. I started the Ranger Aspirant Rite a while ago, and, following the instructions, managed to accomplish all tasks, including those finding the pathways to the 250 regions on all four continents.

Afterwards, the Ranger Guide in Alamati Forest told me that I have become a Ranger Aspirant and got the according title.

Unfortunately, I do not have that title when clicking p->info->special titles->factions. There is nothing. Moreover, when I click the chest at the Rangers' assembly location in Almati, I receive a message that my fame is not sufficient to receive the Amber which, as to my information, contains the Ranger precepts as displayed on the Flag above the chest.

Mi fames are fyros 43 matis 38 tryker 50 zorai 44 kami 30 kara 29 recently. I am on the way to raise them all to 50 as soon as possible. But all informations I got so far say that 25 in every fame is sufficient to become a Ranger aspirant.

Please fix that frustrating bug.

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You need Kami / Kara=35 fame too.

Although, with the latest ranger meeting this past week, to do the Ranger rite in the near future, I think they are going to raise it to 45 in all.

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That may be the case though the threshold was 25 in all at the time when I passed the rite and is still propagated that way. And it is unacceptible that players taking the rite are not informed about in advance. Even more it is intolerable that the mission giver tells them that they have passed the tests to be an aspirant while some intransparent mechanism denies them the reward. That is the way to abhor people from taking the challenge. It is wrong and indecent. And there should be a fix and an apology. Soon.

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Hello -- I am Cerulean and I know something about this, since I wrote or co-wrote most of the scripts.

In order to use the q150 Pathfinding amber you must have National Fames of >30 and Cult Fames >20. This has been the case since the installation of the Pathfinding Mission. If your Fame falls below that level in any on them, the q150 amber will self-destruct. (You will be able to get another one as soon as you bring your Fame back up to minimums.)

If you go to Trino Lichio in Almati Woods and you don't have the fames, she will tell you those numbers. Again this has not changed since the mission was established. Trino Lichio tells you about the title Apprentice Pathfinder, however, NOT Ranger Aspirant. The two are not equivalent.

The title of Ranger Aspirant is a badge that you pick up from the mystical chest at the foot of the banner at the Ranger Circle. The requirements for that title are more strict than the requirements for the title of Apprentice Pathfinder. You must have your Pathfinding amber with you as evidence of your title as Apprentice Pathfinder and you must meet much higher fame criteria. Those Fames are +35 across the board. (In addition, you will lose the title if your any one of your Fames fall below 30.)

They were set forth by the Ranger Instructor Wuaoi Yai-Zhio during the Ranger Meetings (specifically at the meeting of 14 June 2015 when the cubes were introduced). As is the case of much information in Atys, it was left to word of mouth to transfer the information.

Shangfan -- I have checked your information in the databases and it shows that you have indeed been granted the title Apprentice Pathfinder, and done all that you said you did. However, looking at the "Rewards" database, for some reason your name is not mentioned. This occasionally happens when there is a timing glitch in the access of the server to the databases. This has been fixed. You should find Apprentice Pathfinder in your titles.

Since you are quite aware of your Fame values, it is clear what your immediate course of action is.

-- Respectfully,
Cerulean, Event Manager
Ryzom Event Team

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Thanks a lot, Cerulean, for your informations. I followed them and now everything worked fine. I got the Apprentice Pathfinder title, and, after having enough fame, the amber, and the ranger aspirant title as well.

As a suggestion; the exact fame requirements might be listed once somebody tries to open the chest and fails them. Would avoid complaints.

For example; "Sorry, Homin. To get the amber and to achieve the Ranger Aspirant title, it needs to be an Apprentice Pathfinder and to have reached a fame of at least 35 in all nations and cults."

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