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At present it appears that, when a character gains a level in a skill, any experience in excess of the amount required for the level is simply lost. Why does the surplus not carry over to the next level? This just looks like lazy programming to me - I can see no justification for arbitrarily depriving a character of some of their hard-earned experience.

Now, I know what you're going to say: only at low levels is the lost experience significant. But newbies are the ones who are most likely to quit in frustration if they feel they're getting gypped; accordingly, newbies are the players for whom the game must be scrupulously fair. Throwing away some of the experience they've earned isn't fair.

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if im not mistaken on silan if you get exp from a mission it DOES carry over, unlike regular exp gains

so it's certainly possible

you may be told "this isn't a priority now" but regardless... this is worthwhile to support


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If it can be done without major effort, I would support the idea. Yet please note that the benefits of such improvement are dropping fast and losses can be limited by attentive players.

Mind that f2p players may limit the loss of points not carried over by disabling catalyzers in case they are using them. In that case maximum loss would be 3000 minus the amount of xp needed to gain the level.

Also, when approaching level limits, one may switch to lower opponents, or doing crafts with fewer materials. Especially with combat xp (fight or magic), lower level opponents are overcome faster and with less chance of failure.

And mind that the relative weight of xp gain is dropping too. When it takes 50k, 100k or even more to get a new level, one does not care so much anymore for a fraction of at maximum 3k or 6k getting lost, at least not when in a real killing frenzy :). Similar with crafting: After having dug up some thousand mats and processing them at the stable one may do ten or more craft levels in a few minutes (then going digging again), in that case nobody cares much about a few thousand xp getting lost.

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I side with Tsiregal on this.

Back when cats were really useful (and rare) at the high levels, I always turned them off when approaching a level, not because I was worried about "wasting" xp, but in order not to waste catalysts! That no longer applies.

If it's a matter of a few numbers changed and a server reboot, that's cool. Any more effort than that is a waste of dev time imho.

Consider: On the average, the so-called "waste" is a fraction of an action. All things being equal, it will average out to half an action. The way levels work, that "waste" is *less* than half an action's worth on the next level.

Less than one half action, that's all. The only place that might be a significant fraction of a next level is in Silan, and the number of actions in Silan that net the user 3K points is very *very* small (and I say that because I've never seen one, but there's always a possibility that I missed one). That means that the "waste" is only a few hundred xp.

If someone is worried about a few hundred xp, they aren't going to stick with this game anyway.

"Fair" = "all players are treated the same", not "all players are treated the way you would like them to be treated."


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'Fair' doesn't only mean 'unbaised' - it also means 'just'. In other words, players should get what they deserve. If you've taken an action that earns you a number of XP, you should get that number of XP.

I notice nobody is saying that throwing away some of a player's earned experience is the right thing to do - the objections have to do only with the size of the problem and how much effort it would take to fix. Now, I may be a minority here, but to me game mechanics are important - far more important than cosmetic issues such as the graphical quality of the game. Ryzom is a very pretty game - the devs have obviously put a great deal of effort into making it look nice. I'm asking that they put a fraction of that effort into making its mechanics work properly.

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I think this loss of xp becomes a hindrance only while crafting (and overcrafting, with 10.000xp+). It represents a loss of xp but also a waste of mp to dig. For the moment the best is to pay attention to the progress bar and change to a basic plan when we get close to level up.


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