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Nothing prepared Councilor Codgan for what he was going to hear when he came to offer his condolences to his sovereign for the loss of the Karae Mother Lea. The tone of the Karan was both imperious and benevolent when he spoke.

– My friend, your solicitude touches me. I also learned about your grandfather's health and I hope he regains his strength. At any rate, I assured your aunt that you would be back in Aeden Aqueous in time for her wedding. Please do what is necessary.
– Yem Karan, I ask you to reconsider your decision, please. My place is,, more than ever, at your side.
– Cease, Kellen. I will not change my mind. Your advice has been very valuable to me in recent years, but it is time for you to attend to your family obligations.
– Lor. I will make it my duty to follow your will, Yem Karan. Rest assured that I will never cease to work for the rapprochement of our peoples.
– Laye Mai, I expected nothing less from you, Kellen. You may leave now. Let me know when you are ready to depart. I intend to entrust you with a wedding present for your aunt.

After the usual reverence, Kellen Codgan eased away, unable to conceal his disappointment.
Stevano-Karan, gravely watched him leave the room. The reasons that he had attached to himself the services of a member of one of the most illustrious Tryker families were his own, but he was now certain that Kellen would be of greater assistance to his family than to the Court of the Verdant Heights.

He once more contemplated Locian Wyler's letter. Kellen's aunt reminded Stevano of his own mother. Both were daughters of murdered heroes. Both were holders of great responsibility. Both were ready to do anything for their family. Kellen had no idea how much he still had to learn from Locian.

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