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I think it'd be really great if there would be a job center in the big cities, an NPC, that offers the SAME quests as all offered by other NPCs within the city (excluding special quests like occupations)

The NPC should only offer the quests that are normally available to the player and can realisticly accomplish.

These quests should use the same cooldown, and restrictions as the original quests, but would pay 5%-10% less dappers (the fee the NPC would take)
The interface for selecting quest should be more advanced than the usual quest interface, like able to look at crafting (by trade), killing, delivery, forageing quests respectively.

The NPC should be located in a very accessable location, like near the trainers or TP point.

Optional addition 1: Each player should have an individual "counter" counting how much (or how much in worth of dappers) quests have been completed via the job center.
At certain thresholds, a new quests could be generated, to deliver a package to one of the NPCs linked to the job center. (from roleplaying standpoint: to actually deliver the goods the NPC needs)

Optional addition 2: For more than average fee (10%-20%) the job center could provide quests near the city (like scouts and other NPC within the region)

Reasoning: The job center could provide a nice, central place for players looking for quests.

Roleplaying: from a roleplaying standpoint, the job center NPC would provide a service for both the players and the other, linked NPCs, for a certain fee.

Whant do you think about it?

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Its a curious idea. Sort of like a staffing service :) I hoped to eventually have my craft mission app read players' fame and skill levels to suggest missions for the player to take, sort of like a personal trainer. I think an advanced mission app like that is definitely possible- although without Ryzom Team help collecting ALL mission data would just be the biggest pain in the butt...
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