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Currently only 1 of the 10 action bar "pages" can be edited at a time.

When new actions are added, either automagically when learned or by user action, re-arranging the items becomes complicated.

A feature when all the action bars could be seen in one large window, AND allowing to move actions around, copy, paste and such.

Currently it is extremely cumbersome to manage across multiple bars.
Something like this:

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Yes !


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At first your suggestion looks a little complicated, BUT after a moment, it makes some damn good sense.

Lower level players will not see the benefits as the higher level players will. You have no idea why I wanted something like this in the game, especially when I "need" to rearrange ENTIRE sets of actions when I get a serious level "jump".


I need me a new tag line on my messages!

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If those are even close to your actual user bars then I am jealous of their simplicity.


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