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I made a Discord chat server for anything Ryzom. Game play to development.

In other code/game projects we used to have irc but we switched over to Discord and I really like it. It is a primary methid for me to interact in other spaces so I would hope we could utilize it here in some regard.

I do hope more development chat happens and it would be great to have it there. As my development team on other projects would probably join up and help out here as well if it was easier to get involved.


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Development chat is currently being done on either Rocket.Chat or IRC. Since Ryzom is moving towards Open Source tools i don't think Ryzom Team is going to change again so fast after change to Rocket.Chat, and to a non-Open Source tool. But maybe there could be made a bridge between Discord - Rocket.Chat?


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Discord has many plugins that can be utilized. I have been in the process of creating a game to Discord chat bridge in Discord. But there is a Discord to IRC bridge out there already.

I didn't know of the Rocketchat. I mostly made this for more options, not a call to switch out entirely.
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