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Hello Agan,

I like your apologies (as of OOC gentleman I suppose) you wrote to animators.

As player, you were not a big problem in my point of view, but I were puzzled because nothing was planned for your intervention, probably because of grief. Maybe a solution would have been a Karavan guard erasing you instantanly (^_^) because, logically - and RP is always somewhere "logic" - people in that room was without armour and with few arms, making impossible any answer to an attack. So the best solution, from my point of view (always RP), peaceful since I am Ranger, was the occupation of the whole place by a sitting in order to bother you. I was not understood, but it does not matter. It is the surprises and the ala of the impro. But for now (continuing RP speaking), I suggest for the future that my Matis friends are less presumptuous about their power and call super guards. That the lesson of life :)


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Zagh go play Barbie game and stop crying.

The same for you agan, You must use correct langage everytime. You can argue in a discussion by following the rules of languages (available here: amp;post148782=en#1) I will ask you to Your turn edit your post otherwise it will be suppressed.
thank you in advance.

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Ok will do it but after my apologise to the Event Team that was this for and after Tamarea reply think this post must be closed,thxs.


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I think the problem is that the "gameplay" of the Marauder faction as it is makes no sense in terms of the RP lore and history of the Marauders on Atys.

Gameplay wise, as a marauder you can work around your racial fame to make sure you are not attacked inside the other race cities. However, lore wise, that makes no sense. It makes absolutely no sense that a clan of armed marauders would be allowed to walk inside Yrkanis and go all the way inside the Greenhouse where the funeral for the Matis queen is being held. Gameplay allows it, but that breaks the RP and lore.

This happened in Zora before. We had a Zorai assembly and a few marauders invaded Zora. Fortunaly those of us who were tagged were enough to kill the marauders very fast and stop the attack immediately before it got too silly. It was even fun for those of us who liked PVP, however it did disrupt the event and didn't make a lot of sense that marauders would just stand there provoking us while Zora guards just walked around doing nothing.

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Well to know a bit Agan, i can say that his fame is low enough to be attacked everywhere like most of the people playing marauder char regulary.
For the attack of Zora, if my memory is correct guards where also attacking us, there is just a way to play around this disadvantage (aka we killed patrol before and it takes time for them to respawn).
But I agreed, it shouldn't that easy to go inside such cities for a marauder (we can talk about FH guards patrol who doesn't attack us when we are at the stable).
Maybe, they should have been more guards when an event is played.

And yes marauder fame are broken... and this also allow people to have marauder in non-marauder guild, which is for me a non-sense too.

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