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juste un mot, trop bien :)

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Dec 23rd?? Omg, that is tomorrow!
Awesome! :DD

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No, only 74 minutes left!
Dec 23rd?? Omg, that is tomorrow!
Awesome! :DD

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My own little private island!

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I'm SOOOOO excited for this!!!

I LOVED the Ryzom Ring back in the days, so if this is an improved version of that I really can't wait to try it out :D

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This sounds absolutely awesome Can't wait to try it :-)


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Hey, is it working already? Or UTC time? :)

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It will be added on the 23nd (CET timezone), but there is no precise hour announced. Our Devs are currently sleeping (01:34 there) so it will not be in the next hours.
I'll notify (and even will shout!) here as soon as it will be available ingame!


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How can any homin sleep and not playing with it? :D

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*bites blanket in agony*


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when is it? :D it's almost 4pm here and my client didn't patch yet =(

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Looks as if we are still down... 04:15 UTC


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Bonjour, plus moyen de me connecter sur Ryzom depuis minuit toujours une erreur 4010 que faut-il faire pour y remédier. Merci pour la solution

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Le serveur est en train de se faire patch... ça ne devrait pas être long Caligula! :)

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Sounds like a great addition to Ryzom!


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