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What do we have to do around here to get the supposed heads of government to improve the standards in their public shops?

I really don't want to sit in hours of political meetings, isn't there anyone else interested in getting the merchant wares fixed?

The quality of their wares is quite terrible, please see horrifyingly terrible sword below as but one example:

[ooc] It's really embarrassing the state of neglect of basic RPG mechanics such as merchant's who aren't ripping you off with expensive junk [/ooc]


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He!!, I have seen such crap in the game ALL THE TIME. I have looked for some good things, which I do find on occasion, and I will buy them and store them in/on a packer.

I do that so that when they wear out, I can replace it with something I bought last year.

And the fact that the prices are so damn high, infuriates me even more. I imagine that the only people who buy these things just look at the price, and ignore the actual statistics.

There is one character (who shall not be named) who is famous for high prices on his crap.....

If a person that builds an item that is WORSE than a generic "potato", don't charge so high.

In my case, if it is a basic item/mat I ask for +250%, fine +500%, choice +750%, excellent +1000%, and I have never made a supreme thing, but I guess I would charge +2000%

... just saying.....


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This picture shows merchant-sold items, not even homin sold!


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Interesting what you say and show! In my opinion it would be to favour players productions, but, in that case, maybe, the "official" sale is not more very useful.


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Their pricing of junk gears only hurts new refugees

If everyone knows they are not very useful they should not be allowed to continue

Why then, do we put up with this?


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Are you asking that the price be reduced or that the quality be increased?

If the former, then it only makes it worse for refugees/ new imports -- they are more likely to buy crap if it's cheaper.


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[ooc]Too tired to make rp-sounding post will update later:

Personally I'd say cut the price in half (at least) and make all the items from 100% choice gen mats[/ooc]

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Also, the unwise buyer with alot of dappers may buy crap because the price is high, without even checking the stats to see how good it is.....

But, I guess that some people should learn that lesson the hard way.... maybe


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Just came across this so coming in late. But I had no idea anyone actually "bought stuff" from the merchants. I have always just made it or asked sum1 else to make it. Never a charge if you BYOM.

Post merge, I'd put some stuff on merchnats, for example exe 250 LA (+2 Dodge) for reasonbale prices and more often than not, wouldn't get the bonus as it sold 7 days later. And Im talking at prices that you could get 3+ sets with 1 NH hand in.

As for grind stuff, usually always a bunny grinding craft who will gladly do it for the mats or even if folks don't have, if its something they are grinding will pretty much always do a choice / partial exe craft.

I know Skiy's been working on +165 sets and reports that she had a few sales but most of the stuff (LA and Jools) just sits there ... and that's with just 200% markup.

I know that i was quite frustrated when I found stuff that I "sold" that was bought and then put up for resale at 5 or more times the price. So for me, I just don't bother anymore. Ya want sumthin, click the " i " next to my name on fiends list, bring me the mats and I make it for ya ... no charge.


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I can see newcomers buying things from merchants because they do not have enough wherewithal to ask.

We need to educate on Sylan to not to be shy to ask for help on mainland.

At the same time, I like it that the merchant items are overpriced and not so good. It encourages the interaction between homins.

Just my two dappers.

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I bought everything from Merchants since Silan tought me to buy mats there, why not gear too? Also the feel of independence and pride said not to beg your gear, you guys with your generosity really surpriced me =D

Also, they had only pistols on sale, did many levels with those =P


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Hope this helps:

Sunday March 26 is **Help Yaself** to An Amp Day

These were free for the taking during the event and the leftovers are on Desert vendors ... next week will be on lakes vendors

HQ Maga Amps (Exe Zun) w/ 7 x 80% ( DA Speed 54% Meaningless for Affiies) ... QL 100 - 200

HQ Maga Amps Kitin Larvae) - 8 x 88% (QL150)

Unfortunately none boosted today.

We had about 16 or so amps left over at the end of the day (21:00 EST) which were placed on vendors. All were sold within 45 minutes of being placed . Will do again next week if interest continues.

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Hi Freddy

The initial reason for the post is to point out how stupid it is to leave useless dated content in the game

It's plain neglect

Yes sure, newbies may ask for help, they will PROBABLY find out that everyone's friendly and just get free things

For those who don't like everything for free (yes, there are some) yubina was (is?) still stocking zora nicely to offset the merchant junk

I insist on trading or paying when I can

But the point is.. the merchant content is dated and shows gross negligence

Don't even tell me they can't change it, they easily changed other prices so.. yeah.

Something this basic deserves attention
Make everything at least choice
Drop the prices

Or delete the tab with those items entirely


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Loved -- What no one has mentioned is that the merchants work perfectly well when there are a lot of players. You don't want to remove content when your player base goes low, you'll just have to put it back later.

I do think that the pricing (both selling and buying) needs adjustment, but beyond that I would prefer to be optimistic and believe that Ryzom will survive into the future when a larger player base will recur.


Remembering Tyneetryk
Phaedreas Tears - 15 years old and first(*) of true neutral guilds in Atys.
(*) This statement is contested, but we are certainly the longest lasting.
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Thing is, the merchant items are just painful to use. Amps with .. below 50% power & speed? (iirc). That's just going to frustrate people. Especially if they paid a truckload of money for that item.


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