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I'm Dauby. I used to be rolland, like five years ago. I just came back, and I know no one, and I need some stuff. If you can help me out, tell me what you want in return. I'm not looking for amazing, just grinding my levels away.

q200 of all three 1h melee weapons
q250 dagger
q150 def aff\off aff amp
q250 hp la
q250 elem and/or healing amp

Thanks and be well.

If anyone ever wants. I have masters in ranged weapons.

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Thanks to a nice man named placio, I got the melee weapons, and amps.

still need dagger, and la. and I need an ha. running for tp's is killing me a lot..

be well.

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... running for tp's is killing me a lot.....

I can offer some heals on your route...

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Oh boy....

I can craft for you, add me to your friend list plz :D Hopefully we in the same timezone..
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