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#1 [en] 

I pay 1.000.000 dapper to the first homin who beats my (Calestra) current high score in one of the following Molly's Mansion games:

Chain RPS
Cookie Crush (currently No. 2)
Candy Catcher #2

Good luck!

(Please take a screenshot and send it to me asap by Izam mail if you succeed. I will update this topic and try to catch you in-game to give you the dapper asap.)

#2 [en] 

Just a small technical information:

You will be able to see the high score tables once you reach level 10. You have to enter the lounge section of the mansion and purchase the Vintage TV to have a look.

Thank you for visiting the mansion!

#3 [en] 

eh, i'm already first in cookie crush since some months... do i get one million now? :P Working on the others though... :)


#4 [en] 

Siela, you where already there when I came and the idea of this is to get some more NEW fluctuations into the high score. ;P

Molly, sorry for any inconvenience caused by players searching for the high score. ^^

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