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My intention is to generate a campfire romanticism for the role-play-game.

How often this situation enters: A group of Homins meets in the wilderness. Everything appears harmoniously and it would be the hour to talk about. And the night is approaching.
...What goes on?
Going to fight against creatures? -No!
It‘s time for crafting an item? -No!
...Or digging now? -No!

It‘s time to build a camp for overnighting: To make a campfire, to build a tent etc.
If it‘s ready the homins sitting and lying around the camp-fire and planing the adventure for the next day. Now, it‘s much time to talk with crackle of the campfire...
From the distance a lately homin sees the camp-fire and joins…

(Near with the intention of the game: No quest is needed for playing)

That complex should contain some (but not many) new moves or better motions and body-positions (like in the action-menu). Motions of one-minute length for one can be shortened by helping (clicking on object) from others:

A1. motion: to make a camp-fire (sounds of banging flintstones or rolling stick of wood)
A2. motion: to build a tent (sounds of hammering wood-nails in the soil)

B1. bodyposition: Lying with head up (for talking, or staring in the camp-fire…)
B2. bodyposition: Lying as sleeping (perhaps of the same meaning like ‚/afk‘)

This scenario is not finished and of course you can be supplemented.
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