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hello we're the golden table mercenarys and we want you to join us for together we fight better ! we are not a marauders guild if anything we oppose the marauders we are a "honor " bound guild meaning we fight with decency and never go against the players of this game
there are 4 ranks (excluding leader position)
-captain comands a band portion of mercs
- general under the command of the captain
- veteran. under the command of the generals
- recruits new people yet put under a captain might be under the supervision of a veteran.
this is to create a clear base and to make sure we keep each other in check as each of our members will not be premited to stray from out rules.
rule. no1. you shall not go against commands if they do not stain the company's reputation
no2 you shall not try to destroy for others to reach thru the ranks we will notice and i will personaly detatch you from the guild
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