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In order to lower civilizations fames we can kill guards. But there's no way to kill kami/karavan guards/priests/ambasadors. That could be great to fight them directly and lower fame at the same time.

Pour diminuer les réputations "civilisations" nous pouvons combattre les gardes des villes. Mais il est impossible de s'attaquer aux gardes, prêtres et ambassadeurs kami et karavan. Je propose de rendre ces attaques possibles et ainsi permettre de diminuer les réputations d'una façon amusante.

#2 [en] 

I see the problem with NPCs that are part of a quest. But other really can't be killed?

#3 [en] 

For a very short time after the temples were rebuilt I was able to attack some of the Zora Kami Temple guards, it was probably a bug- but it was fun :P

Outside of temple though it would be complicated- as marauders or heretics might have a respawn point at the kami FH tp for example, and if you are able to attack the Cult NPCs, they should also be able to attack you, right? Its already pretty bad if you are a mara and your capitol city respawn is right next to National guards :P

#4 [en] 

If your concern is getting the fame down, then going to faction or racial NPC and clicking on refusal option in dialogue as much as you want is surely the fastest way. Otherwise, what's the point? To give marauders something fun to do? Nah, town guards should be more than enough, if mindless killing of NPC is what they consider fun.

#5 [fr] 

Getting the fame down by clicking and clicking is not fun at all and does not encourage people to lower their fame.

The point is, as marauder we are enemies of the karan and kamis as well as kamis are enemies of kara and kara enemies of kamis.
It makes a lot of sense to have their guards killing people around if their fame is low enough.

But there is a but, for marauders some res point are on TP which lead us to be killed instantanetly after respawn (as it's the case while respawning at some TP inside capitals (talking about the city guards).
Also a change like this will forbid kamis to enter FH or Yrk, and kara to enter Zora or Pyr (it can make sense roleplay wise).

Then, i'm against in the actual state of the game.
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