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So far, waiting for spring to make new screens was a good idea :D
Now be welcome to my little magical forest :)

Amazing beautiful :)

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If you enter the island and the window does not open automatically, you need to open the app browser (shift+w) and click the Scenographic Editor icon. There you can start your first scene by giving it a name.

Further, check the screens here or just ask :)

Yes Yubina, so I do, and I have the same left windows with the names of scenes (I try various fearing that the word I used was reserverd or the spell not agreed), but unfortunately I never had the right windows (as in your pix sample).


Zo'ro Argh
Chargé de recherche dans la guilde du Cercle du Bois d’Almati.
Ambassadeur des Rangers auprès des Matis.
Président de la N’ASA et fondateur de Hoodo.

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In the last few weeks I promised some people to make a tutorial.

Here you go:

Hope you enjoy! :)
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