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+1 for fateciy 's idea. It's good for game and for Mek !


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I prefer Gidgets Mektoub Pass (Though there would have to be two because there is absolutely no reason why the Kami and Kara would recognize the same pass).

I was thinking that they should come in three variants; Kami, Karavan, and Neutral. While Kara and Kami may not recognize the passes of their enemies, I see no reason why any destination that sells TPs to the unaligned would deny service to unaligned pass-holders.

Marauders already have a TP system that works similarly, though allowing subbed Maras to just teleport with none of their little crystal things and pay their mek fare (in straight dappers) when they arrive at their destination would give them comparable convenience.


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Will this "PASS" Idea affect NH turn ins?

I will +1 the pass idea if it's well detailed in a new post


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Sorry, I cannot help but add my two dappers into the discussion.

OK, first off, everyone in Ryzom is probably at least a million dappers, if they have an occupation.

Until I got my (Fyros) fame to at least (whatever that number is) I would try to sell my {items} to NH once a day until I was able to sell them.

Now, since I have more money that Ma-Duk, I generally use NH for transport only, but on occasion, I try to sell my crap, and I am sometimes successfull, and I get dappers, and I am more happy (YEAH!)

Just saying, if you do not have a million or more dappers, the best option is to do crafting missions rather than selling to NH, I guess.

Of course, since I do tend to be a bit annoying, and for some reason, the guild in which I am a member has made me a "High Officer", even though I am a bit of an a$$hole, you can probably ignore this comment.


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Yes, you "can" ignore the problem of NH-fullness and degraded performance in the eyes of the player, or you can address the problem.

Part of the problem is we shouldn't have to empty it for the sake of handing in.I don't disagree with what you are saying, I just want more. Wanting more is the sakred right of the player.


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Well... yeah, Like I said, I have more dappers than Ma-Duk (and Jena too)


Water the tree, not the fruit.

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This thread had brought up a few issues; perks for subbing, NH inventories, starving mektoubs, inconvenient teleportation, and hassles earning faction points. Fateciy's idea would solve (or at least lessen) three of those, and the "mek pass" would hit three as well.
Will this "PASS" Idea affect NH turn ins?

No. I initially brought it up simply as something I see as a larger problem than NH turnins and the idea kind of took on a life of it's own.
I will +1 the pass idea if it's well detailed in a new post

I hesitate to do a writeup just yet since there are a few details that I don't have the information to hammer out. Any Marauder who cared to chime in here could fill me in though. The things I want to know before I make a detailed writeup are;

1) Do Zinuakeen crystals take up bulk comparable to TPs or not? If so, how much? I want to know if there is any benefit to bag space or if it's just simpler than carrying a discrete TP for every possible destination.

2) Can F2P players become Marauders with relative ease, or is it something that you have to be >125 to have a reasonable chance at? It's one thing to make it a perk for subbed players, but another to incentivize going Marauder instead of subbing. I'd rather pay the devs than drive people towards Marauderhood; Kami, Karavan, Ranger, and Neutral should all be just as attractive to those seeking an alignment (or lack of). But if the only way to become a Marauder is to be at beyond-F2P levels then it's a moot point.

3) If subbed non-Maras get the same benefits regarding simplified teleportation as Marauders do, what (if any) changes should be made for subbed Marauders so that they also get some perk? Or should non-Maras be the only ones to get something because the Maras already have a slight advantage?

Without those bits of info, I don't feel comfortable doing enough of a writeup of this proposal to make a thread that is coherent enough to stand on it's own.


Do not assume that you speak for all just because you are the loudest voice; there are many who disagree that simply have no desire to waste words on you.

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Ok .. regarding the topic:

I support the idea, on the simple basis that players need a way to earn money that is a) easy enough, b) not economy-breaking, c) varied. Oh, and reducing friction for paying players is always a decent idea.

Reducing pointless teleporting is indeed under the "reducing friction" in my book. Not restricting people to digging + crafting missions adds to the value of the game as a sandbox (yes, NH exists, just that it's currently frustrating), so that adds to c).

However, I do have a small problem with a) and b). Paying people 360k to run around 10 minutes (what would take to get 8 certificates in an occupation) seems both too easy and unbalanced. So, I do support the idea, but with a caveat: if you use this option to insta-sell, you only receive 70% of the faction points and dappers you would normally get.


1) Zin crystals have maybe 1 bulk and 0 weight. They work by opening up a window (via ARCC), which lists all possible destinations. So, by not carrying pacts, you save some 65-70 bulk.

2) Going marauder is a tough choice for anyone. Consider that you never get faction points again, so no buying faction picks (one example). Even for sap crystals, you need to bother with running an alt that does occs, transferring their crystals to you, etc.

Also, some teleport locations are in tough spots. Good for scouting, less good for survivability when you have 2700hp in HA, and can't dodge/parry high level mobs.

RP-wise, you're almost universally hated.

Oh, and a f2p that's marauder isn't even going to get the pvp points off someone else, unless they kill afk'ers who are tagged.

3) Hard to say.

At any rate, this whole talk is derailing Loved's thread.

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I just want to say most games that have "dailies" don't limit their dailies to 70% of reward, it's 100% reward every 24hrs if you have the mats, which, makes you go out to get them because it's 100%

at 2% chance NH isn't full.. a lot of people just won't do it
case in point, I refuse

Ryzom is very niche and it has a lot of great things other games do not have, like EXP grinding on mobs instead of exp missions... sweet.
(i wouldnt mind having some but that's another topic)

It's time to think about reducing that friction in every activity since clearly nothing new comes easy, so at least fix the existing stuff


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Yeah, I'm not so hot on a 30% tax myself. But when you consider that the cap on NH stockpiles and the rate at which each trip depletes them were likely designed with larger populations in mind, I think that altering that part of the equation in response to the divergence between 2006 expectations and 2016 reality is overdue anyways.

@Mjollren - I suppose I did get a little longwinded about why I wouldn't do a separate thread on it yet, but when OP requests something I can't give, I feel an explanation is due. Sadly, multi-threaded minds are not always concise and total brain-dumps are common on the rare occasions that ideas can be expressed in words instead of remaining trapped unexpressably inside one's skull. Anyways, thanks for the info :)


Do not assume that you speak for all just because you are the loudest voice; there are many who disagree that simply have no desire to waste words on you.

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My own thoughts on NH, maybe not directly linked to this thread, I think it should wear down over time, Just because the Meks are in the stable doesn't mean they don't need food and water. Maybe a set amount per hour like 50 just to throw out a number.


A simple and elegant solution. Please make it happen.


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