#1 [en] 

Greetings homins!

Spring came to lands of Atys and Rootie can't wait juicy grass of the Forest. Also, the true is that Hidden Source is an ugly place full of some green dogs I never met before in the Desert. And kitins all around! Any supplies here in Oasis Diggers tribe camp are very complicated to manage and all the scenery doesn't help business at all. The only thing that helps here is that barrel of Shooki Naveruss and noble members of Legions Fyros sent me.

So it is time to move deeper to forests of Matis to find new customers. I have heard there will be a Noble's assembly in Natae. This might be a good chance to meet some new good customers. I am a merchant and I don't own or use any weapons. That is the reason I ask you, homins, for a protection on my way from Oasis Diggers tribe camp to the city of Natae in Majestic Garden.

Meeting place: Oasis Diggers tribe camp
Tour destination: Natae in Majestic Garden
Date of the tour: 11h - Dua, Medis 2, 1st AC 2591
Expected duration: less than 2 Atys days

Number of homins needed: 4 homins (1 scout, 2 protectors and 1 healer)
Appropriate skills: basic knowledge of Verdant Heights, basic to average fighting or magic skills

Reward for one hired homin:
- 30 000 dappers
- 300x Experience Catalyzer q50
- 150x Experience Catalyzer q100
- 2x First-Aid Kit q20
- 2x Minor Life Potion q10
- 25x Sap Recharge crystal q250
- 2x supreme forest Javing leather q170
- 2x supreme forest Javing wing q170

#2 [en] 

Greetings homins, I am still looking for some more protectors on my route from Oasis diggers tribe camp in hidden source to the city of Natae. I will hire 3 more homins with reward as announced above.
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