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Greetings homins!

My name is Sluha and I am a nomad merchant. I am neutral to any faction or civilization and willing to trade with any homin who has anything I am interrested in. While business in Thesos does not go well these days, I have decided to travel around Atys with my mount Rootie and visit mainly minor cities and tribes where I hope to find a lots of happy customers.

As a trader I never train any martial or mental skills useful for combat, I focus on my business. This is the reason, why traveling is dangerous for me. I am asking you, homins, for a protection on my next route to Oasis diggers tribe camp in Hidden source. All necessary details are noted below, if you are not satisfied by the reward, make me another offer. You can select some of items I have currently for trade trade.

Meeting place: Thesos stables
Tour destination: Oasis Diggers tribe camp in Hidden source
Date of the tour: 19h - Holeth, Medis 30, 1st AC 2591
Expected duration: 1/2 of the Atys day

Number of homins needed: 4 homins (1 scout and 3 protectors)
Appropriate skills: basic knowledge of Atys, basic to average fighting or magic skills

Reward for one hired homin:
- 40 000 dappers
- 1x modified Greslin Filament q50
- 12x excellent jungle Gulatch oil q160
- 2x supreme forest Javing leather q170
- 3x supreme Kitin larva q50

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It would be a pleasure to accompany you :)

Best regards from the guild the free soul

Najma :)

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It would be a pleasure to accompany you :)

Best regards from the guild the free soul

Najma :)

Greetings, everyone is welcomed to join, but note that I look for 4 protectors only.

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We succesfully arrived to Oasis diggers tribe camp in Hidden source. Thanks to Begolas and members of The Free Soul and Verwesende Cute. Thank you homins.

I am afraid, that this place looks pretty ugly. Rootie doesnt like it here and all the grass is frozen. We will stay for few days, but I think the time to move will come soon. I belive some homins will also come to help next time.

For now, my trades are available at my current location.
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