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As a newbe of 3 months I will confirm the this latest set of events is not friendly to me.

The best way to avoid all the trouble was to return to silan to work on an alt or simpely stop playing while the event was ongoing, not good choices if your trying to attract new players.

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Events are organised by old players, many of whom have forgotten what it's like to be new, to need those 100 and 150 zones to level your skills.
They only ever visit the 250 zones except maybe to hunt a boss for sports.
So they think the 100 and 150 zones are essentially useless and a great place for events, noone goes there anyway right?

It's not limited to Ryzom, you see the same in any mmo (and worse).
At least in Ryzom there's alternatives, you don't have to be in the desert after all.
Last time all low level zones were impossible for low level players was the mass kitin invasion events of several years ago.

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the areas that the event is running in is not chossen by the players young or old! it is chosen by the event team

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I know that, Khandy. I also know the event team is made up of players who volunteer for the position, mostly experienced players with long histories.
I appreciate their effort, btw, in contrast to what many seem to do given the constant ridicule and criticism about all they do.
I do however realise they are human and thus prone to mistakes.

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also noticing from yesterdays activities the event makes sense and would have been perfect of the servers population was what it was back 4 or so years... but it was much greater difficulty because there is so few of us. think they have to remember our population size alil more when making events
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