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dont enter or leave but the south gat of pyr the tribes are there in force and killing every one on sight.
I also advise caoutin out side the north gat there are only lvl 50 tribes out side there but i want new players to be carefull

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Thanks for the warning Khandoma :) Now.... how do I get to my packers and GH.....


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the tribes have been clared we dont know how long till they will re pop pyr can be accessed at the moment via the east gate if the tribes are at the north and south


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But do be careful. I was attacked by rifle fire from tribesmen near the Pyt baths yesterday, right across the street from where many Fyro guilds have their halls.

When approaching the forge, it is best to loop well north rather than taking the most direct route.

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The Barkers seem to have moved from their earlier spot right in the gate to further outside, making it possible to walk around them when taking the Pyr south gate.

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Actually, suggestion to the CSRs/Event-team:

I don't agree with those who say that putting dangers like this in areas that might be frequented by newbies is by definition bad. But I do think that people who don't read forums should still be made aware there is an extra danger, which could be done by simply saying so in the MotD.

"Welcome to Ryzom! The drought in the desert continues, beware of angry tribes and frahar in the desert!" or something like that should suffice.

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ty for info will check it out

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hooo... welcome to survival horror game! xD


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huggles norby :)

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Still waiting for the day all the kami npcs go havoc and start to fire their flares through the streets of pyr :p

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Now that the south gate to Pyr is safe again, other dangers are appearing.
Large groups of very strong Frahar (level 250 elite warriors and mages) have been spotted by Jeannie and me (and no doubt others by now) in Frahar towers and south of Dyron.
They're even sitting on the ramp down south from Dyron into Scorched Corridor.

I didn't approach closely enough to test if they're aggressive in the way the regular Frahar have been behaving lately, who seem to send bands of warriors to attack anyone getting close rather than miling around until and unless attacked.

These new Frahar aren't just stronger, they also look different with colourful horns or something on their head.

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Well, I have met a group of Frahar at the Dyron / Scorched ramp and they totally ignored me. Dunno if that happened because they sounded heavily concentrated on moving up the ramp, anyway ignoring me was a wise choice for them. :))

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Regular frahar still behave as always. You've been running into the thirsty event-frahar that roam all over the eastern desert regions in packs of 6. They have increased aggro-range and always attack as the entire group of 6.

The new level 250 Frahars look exactly like Fraiders, with the colourful hair and all. They're not actually part of the Fraiders tribe though. They attack in the same way as other event-frahar (longer aggro range and in packs of 6), at least the ones in Frahar Towers do.

As for the tribes, the Thesos tribes all moved to Hidden Source so Thesos is empty now. Renegades and Watchers still camp outside Dyron but leave dig spots open. Barkers are at Pyr south gate and Leviers and Frahar Hunters at Pyr north gate, but you can easily walk around them. And the Water Breakers seem to be have disappeared.

So obviously the frahar are the greater danger now. And that danger is quickly growing: There are many more groups now than a few days ago. Frahar Towers is completely swamped in frahar today.

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Does do the name justice :)
Where are the Frahar Hunters when you need them?

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Camping outside Pyr north gate :P and they'd be completely outclassed anyways.

Even the regular level 250 frahar warriors hit for 2000 damage each. Just 6 of them wiped out the Renegades camp in a blink, and there's hundreds more. And then there's boss frahars in the mix too... a single AoD couldn't even get it's health to move.
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