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Thesos strategos, Ibiritis Ibirus, was furious, and Gramald Xarius, member of the Imperial Academy in charge of the plans for Thesos fortifications, couldn't understand why.
"It's scandalous! Outrageous! An intolerable breach against Discipline! How could a celiakos break one of the Pilars like this?
"The celiakos thought he was doing right..."
"He thought? Thesos defense falls under MY responsibility!"
Thesos celiakos Ibiphan Dynix, decided it was time for him to take part, calmly but coldly.
"sharük defense falls under the responsibility of all Patriots. sharükos was very clear on this."
Ibiritis opened her mouth but the celiakos didn't let her resume her protests.
"I acknowledge that I should have invited you to this assembly when Gramald told me he wanted to talk to the Patriots. It was surely to speak about the Empire's Shield. I apologise for this oversight of mine, and of course I will let you continue from here." The celiakos managed to keep his voice neutral. But nothing more. "But I won't apologize for responding to the Patriots requests. They made immense efforts to retake their place in the Empire. It would be a treason to sharükos Honor if I wasn't available to them."
The two homins faced each other for a few moments. Gramald Xarius stepped into the heavy silence.
"So? Who'll let the Patriots know about the tower?"
Ibiphan gave a minimalist nod to the strategos but she was already answering in a biting tone: "I'll do it, of course."
Announcement stuck up in all of the Cities of the Empire
The Patriots and inhabitants of the Desert are called at the Thesos Citadel on 14h - Quinteth, Frutor 5, 3rd AC 2590(*). I willl inform you about the conclusions of Gramald Xarius' study of the first steps of Thesos fortifications.

sharükos pyrèkud !
Ibiritis Ibirus, Thesos strategos

[OOC] (*)Friday, 11 November 2016 20:00:00 UTC (7 years ago) [/OOC]

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Naema giggles.

Inside herself, her Matis superiority to Fyros imperialism attitudes made for some humor to her.

Then she snaps back to reality, she is a Ranger after all, so she has to be nice to all... or is she?

Her familial roots rise to the surface again and she giggles at some 'Pillar' broken? What pillar? In her mind it should have been broken along time ago then if they are setting up a shield against the Matis kingdom.

She hides her anger at what they did to the forest in Hidden springs, nothing but a burnt out wasteland now with a hiding camp for marauders. Some day, she says......grrrrr!

~she just hopes this 'broken pilar' sets back their ambitions and delays any action for now..

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*Yzam adressé à Ibiritis Ibirus, Strategos de Thesos*

Je vous adresse cet Yzam pour vous informer que la campagne de récolte des matières premières requises par l'Acamedie de Pyr à été menée à son terme.

Les Patriotes de Thesos se tiennent à votre disposition pour les prochaines étapes de l'édification du Bouclier de l'Empire.


Achilleos, Akenak de Thesos.


<< Achilleos - Akenak de Thesos >>

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Message sent to all Patriots and Desert inhabitants:
oren pyr,

The patriots of Thesos and the whole sharük are invited to come to witness the topping off ceremony for the framework of the first Thesos Defense Tower. Please meet us at the Fortress of Thesos at 14h - Tria, Mystia 15, 1st AC 2591 (*).
Your contributions of materials have made this possible.

Thesos strategos Iribitus
Academy Member Gramald Xarius

(*) [OOC] Thursday, 22 December 2016 20:00:00 UTC (7 years ago).
This will be a very short event to examine and talk about the building progress.

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[OOC] We have postponed the event from 16th december to 3rd january for technical reasons. We apologize for the inconvenience. [/OOC]

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Lykos punched on his desk.
“I believe the period I gave was clear thougth!”
Gramald Xarius bit his tongue at the acerbic tone of the Emperor. To anyone else, he would have given a sharp reply. But there, it was sharükos. And he had to admit that he was very late in regards to the period commanded originally. If only there had been a clear responsible! But no. It was a lot of small things that had cumulated. And finally, the Empire Shield was reduced four years later to a single defense tower. And yet. A prototype.
“Who ever is responsible for this, I command that they are sent back immediatly! And I won’t tolerate any other delay in the fulfilment of my orders! Is it clear?
- Totally clear sharükos.”
Lykos paced a few energic steps behind his desk. Probably to expel the excess of anger. Then he came back to his place, slightly calmed down.
“At least, this tower is ready now. Gather all the ones who took part in it... the competent ones. And organise its unveiling as soon as possible.”
Poster stuck up shortly after in the cities of the Empire
Malos and inhabitants of the Desert,

The first tower of the Shield of the Empire is now finished. sharükos himself will come to unveil it.
All the ones who took part in this undertaking, come and welcome him at Thesos citadel on 14h - Tria, Harvestor 15, 4th AC 2591 (*).

sharük pyrèkud!

Gramald Xarius
Chamber of Honor
Imperial Academy

(*) [OOC]On Wednesday, 8 February 2017 20:00:00 UTC (7 years ago).

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Any chance that when you run these events we can get a transcript of them? Some of us can't make the times that events are run and I would have liked to have been aware of how to take part in this one. Didn't even know it had started following the original postponement.


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Report of the assembly of the akenak - 23h - Tria, Thermis 9, 4th AC -6536 (*)

After the attack on Thesos by the Marauders, Emperor Lykos ordered the construction of new towers, some of which were connected to each other.

Messedos Syagrus therefore asks the Patriots, inhabitants and friends of the sharük to help him gather the materials necessary for the construction of a second tower. It will then be necessary to connect the first two towers together by a wall.

Messedos Syagris

oren pyr,

sharükos wants to see the rapid rise of other defence towers in Thesos, connected by a wall. For that, I need your help! Drillers, hunters, I need you to gather the materials needed to build a second tower! Then we will start the construction of the wall!

Here is a list of the resources needed:
- 20,000 units of wood (motega, abhaya, tama) (Q200+)

- 4000 sap units (visc, silverweed) (Q200+)
12,000 units of oil (all desert type) (Q200+)
- 4000 varinx ligaments (Q150+)
200 timari skins (Q150+)

The Master Craftsman Aernodon Apotis stands ready to collect the 
materials at the top of the path leading to the Fortress of Thesos.

sharükos pyrèkud!

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[The Empire’s Shield] Building (2018-05-04)

Message sent to all Patriots, Desert inhabitants and friends of Empire:
oren pyr,

Patriots, Desert inhabitants and friends of the Empire are invited to come and witness the final stage of the construction of the first watchtowers set of Thesos. Please meet us at the Fortress of Thesos at 18h - Dua, Harvestor 14, 1st AC 2598 (*).
Your contributions of materials have made this possible.

Iribitus Ibirus, Thesos strategist
Gramald Xarius, Imperial Academist, Chamber of Honor

(*) [OOC]
Friday, 4 May 2018 19:00:00 UTC (5 years ago).
This event will have a PvP action part.

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And here i was thinking Towers would be associated with Kitin Invasion
... major disppointment ...   :(


#12 [en] 

FF? You *want* the Kitins to invade???


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Of course .... Kitin Invasions were the best part of my experiences on Ryzom. In fact, as an engineer, it was the initial leaks about ryzom's "building" feature set that 1st attracted me to Ryzom

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