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While the new scheme of installing the user writable parts of the Ryzom installation is doubtlessly useful and sensible, there are also a couple of reasons to stick with the old "all in one folder" scheme.

Recently, this is only possible when downloading the "Ryzom Live Client" from Sourceforge:

ryzom_live_client_osx.7z 2016-10-22 24.8 MB 55 weekly downloads i
ryzom_live_client_linux64.7z 2016-10-22 35.3 MB 99 weekly downloads i
ryzom_live_client_linux32.7z 2016-10-22 34.5 MB 44 weekly downloads i
ryzom_live_client_win64.7z 2016-10-22 35.2 MB 99 weekly downloads i
ryzom_live_client_win32.7z 2016-10-22 29.6 MB 55 weekly downloads i
ryzom_live_data.7z 2016-10-18 1.5 GB 28 weekly downloads i

It is recommended to get the data, too, and integrate them in a data directory in the client folder (and of course, copying the own save folder if any). Without that, the client will refuse to start due to missing fonts.ttf . If you have a data/fonts.bnp and copy it into the client folder, the client will start up, and take all missing data from the server.

It would be a good idea to offer the single folder installation from the official site, too, as an "expert installation" menu point or whatever. In the dialogue, the location of the Ryzom folder on the user's box would be asked for.

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i'll be putting this to the test on my system, after patching from 2.x to 3.x it was error after error; due to having 9 client installs, a more custom install setup, or because my OS drive is nearly full (no room for all the stuff to go into appdata\xxxx) i don't know, but i'm all about a single folder install for myself. 

for the layman the defaults are fine, and the installer will help them, however for those of us with a little tech know-how, we like to contoll things a little more.

once i've worked this all out i'll post again with my results. (fingers crossed)



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By the way ... thx Daomei for posting the new location of these files. Turned out it came in handy for m yesterday when for some inexplicable reason, this is what I experienced.

1. Ryzom ( Crashed.
2. Came back and I have been reduced to 1024 x 768 with all my windows relocated and smooshed up.
3. Launched Ryzon via ryzom_configuration_qt_r.exe so as to reset custom screen resolution and posaition.
4. Told me I needed to apply a 0.0 MB pacth from December 23rd so I did so and the patch d/l'd 1.4 GB of files and told me to relaunch.
5, Upon relaunch it told me I was using Version 2.1 and I needed to upgrade to 3.0 and it did so.
6. I wound up with my install spread across various folders. :(

So ...

7. Uninstalled Ryzom, did a file search for all things ryzom in all game folders and manually deleted.
8. Reinstalled in single folder from your links.... I woulda been stiuck w/o ya link so thank you.

BTW, was use to doing this method from the Kervala 64 bit beta. If anyone needs help installing this way, there's a step by step in Bunny Guild Forum which I could send them fo their own guild forums ... or post here if folks prefer.


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