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Some of may recall that I had a stroke in 2011.
I started playing November of Ryzom in 2013.

I recently had a though that everyone but me already knew. It is concerning "stanzas".

The old (stupid) way, for magic and fighting:

I would lots of Sap (for magic), and Health (for fighting). Of course, I was killed relatively easily, and I had to rest alot when I killed things.

The fact that I generally play alone gave me some additional problems, of course.

I had discovered, after THREE YEARS that I had lots of Stamina (for fight) or Health (for magic). So I finally started to think a bit and adjusted my stanzas.

My new and improved stanzas: for magic, I boosted the health and reduced the sap, for fight I boosted the stamina and decreased the health.

Now, I can kill more things before I need to take a break.

YUP! it took me three years to figure this out...

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You might consider renaming this thread as "retard" is usually offensive in english.

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OK. How do I do that... I will look


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OK... figured it out, replaced "retard" with "dumba$$"


I need me a new tag line on my messages!

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Much better, i think? But yes, you can use a wide combination of credits to increase your survivability. The vampirism effect also works well with large hp credits as you get some hp back from it. So experiment until you find something you like.

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Don't knock yourself too much lol. We all learn as we go and I only recently learned how to change chat channel in User chat - something obvious to many players. 5 years that took me.

And I'm still trying to improve many of my stanzas.

I count it as a good day when I learn something :-)


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Been playing this game since beta and I still forget how to do stuff and have to go "how do you do that again?".

As Arfur said, tweaking stanzas is always a good idea as you gain levels and your stats change.


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Personally I just use up stamina or sap not hp (usually) because I prefer to keep my HP high (because my HP is low)

I keep multiple actions on my bar, example...

high hp/stam
mid hp/stam
high hp/ low stam
high stam/low hp (etc)
and adjust when im going to sit for 10-20 level runs

it's the beautiful thing about being able to customize actions, do it however makes you happy


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I need me a new tag line on my messages!

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Aww Kova!
We all done something silly at some point. For me, I thought all gen-mats suppose to be beige in color because I have only seen fyros imperial merchant lol until someone asked me to make them purple gears with gen mats from zorai... And i was trying to correct that poor homin that all genmats makes gold colour XD.... And for three years I did not know!! XD

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I didn't know that a single self-heal could heal multiple bars until I say Pixel running around with two-stat self-heals.


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