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I heard that some people have problems with Spell animations being too flashy (somebody from my guild is one of them). So i created some zip files that will remove Animations for spells or the melee trail effects. You can just dezip it and then put the files into the user directory of your Ryzom installation (on Mac: /Users/username/Library/Application Support/Ryzom/user).

I'll update this list if i add a new removal package, hosted on my own server. Only my own server version is still updated. Access the whole list on to Glorf for an alternative hosting of the packages! Here are the links:Thx for providing another alternative mirror, Osquallo!Hope this helps some people to no more stop doing stuff with many people because their eyes hurt from the animations or just some people that dislike the effects.

For any other SFX removal packages contact me.

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Dropbox links currently blocked, sorry for that, will look for a different solution


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Wow -- if the ryzom community can generate enough response to generate over-traffic on DropBox, then either the community is much larger than I thought or, more likely, DropBox has a really LOW volume threshold.


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I was kinda surprised too... Though I had the same problem when I put Kipeecraft to download on my Dropbox... I'm looking into a solution


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Thanks to Glorf for hosting the package removals! Here are the new links:

Thx for providing an alternative mirror, Osquallo!

Either of those two should work. Enjoy!

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I now got my own server so recommended download links changed! You can see all available packages on
New packages: Remove the Goo Event Clouds ! Not confirmed if it stops the crashing, but the graphics are gone at least.


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I just wanted to drop a quick thanks as a couple of these (especially the weapon trails) are a life saver for us photosensitive migraine sufferers. :)


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Thanks to Robplus for help and to Siela for making these =D

Paths for Linux (that seem to work) on version


And for all effects away
~/.local/share/Ryzom/0/user/Graphic Effects Removal/sfx_remove/

Haha, it looks so weird without the splashy graphics xD


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