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It may mean that your skill levels will be temporarily reduced to 125 and your stats to 140 so that you can wear but q150 armor/jewels, wield only q150 weapons, dig only at lvl 125. you will not be able to pull q250 or q200 sup, but q150 sup and q200 PR exc, and your PR terrain specification will be disabled. You will still be able to mess up your apt and GH, but unable to tidy up.


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What does Limit quality of equipment, Limit the quality of the crafted items, and Limit forage mats from pike quality mean exactly? We will not be able to craft excel or sup equipment, or dig excel or sup? Will we only be able to craft a certain number of items? We will only be able to dig a specific amount of mats?

"Pike" = "pick(axe)" What it probably means is that even if you can wield a q250 pick, you can't dig any better than q140 because your skills are limited. Ditto for crafting.


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The project is in final test and the official announcement is in progress.

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We very much appreciate your efforts to keep the players informed. It doesn't go unnoticed. I have optimism for the future of Ryzom and will continue to encourage optimism in others. It's never too late to get things going!


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Question 1. What do you guys mean about a micro payment system, and how will it help Ryzom? Be specific please.
Micro-payments system let you buy thing in an item shop / in your player account.
It could be skin, mount, useless pet, virtual money witch can be use to pay your monthly account or any stuff sell by players in the IG market.

By using virtual money in the IG market you send virtual money to players who have sell items, then he can use this virtual money to pay his monthly account or buy something else.
Unfortunately, these's not market on Ryzom :(

By the way I strongly disagree with Seto, yes items shop may sell all IG items and even over-boosted items that did not exist and should not exist, but that only append if the entire Ryzom staff have no brain and really really want to kill the game for ever, pay2win really sucks nobody want that on Ryzom.

Question 2. Yeah, a f2p system sounds nice for players, but how is Ryzom paid for? How are Devs paid for to fix game, provide new content, events, not to mention add expansion packs, maybe new worlds, maybe new lands, new NCP maurauders and gear, all the new stuff mention in Ideas forum within Lore guidelines?

Money has to come from somewhere.
Money come from monthly account and donate via paypal
It's not enough as we can all see, development of the game in all part is really slow, few more people payed in the staff would increase the speed of all development.

BTW micro-payment do not mean that monthly account should be drop.

(Side note : I witch to be able to pay more on my montly account in order to donate without give money to paypal each time)
Proposal here > Add donate in monthly account payment

    Is there a way to incorporate both ways of payment into the system and hire devs to add content? That is my big question.

    I am not opposed to a micro-payment system on a small scale, perhaps to allow more storage room in your apartment, or guild hall, to buy sap crystals, or to allow a player to buy/ride a creature like through the water in lakes region, or a flying creature instead of portals, or a creature that allows them to fight a boss, or something else but that creature can also die so they have to buy another one! Or to allow players to buy supreme mats for a good cost, then they can take the risk of degrades. Hey, it's their money, and it supports Ryzom! (Down the line I might change my mind on some of these ideas, but I am just throwing out examples which can be changed or other ideas might be better).

    I would strongly feel any micro-payment system incorporated into the game should not cause an imbalance in the game though, unless there was a good explanation of it for example, maybe, giving a Ranger a tiny bit extra strength or power or something to defeat a boss since that is their role in the game. Maybe give marauders a tiny bit more ability in pvp?  Or, give Kami more ability with elementaly powers, or kara more abilities with Guns, idk, these are just examples, they can all be scratched for something better, but there should be some ideas we can use for a micro-payment system so we can hire more Devs imho.

  With more Devs we can have more content quickly entered into the game. I just don't know how going to a f2p system is going to help other than letting old players come play for free.
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