#16 [en] 

Calling all Nomads -

*Act NOW and get 50% off your very own signed... thing.*
*50% off the Low Low price of $0 dappers plus taxes fees interest and = $6 million dappers*
*offer good while supplies last*
*sorry no sap-checks*
*Prices subject to change depending on Loved's mood*


#17 [en] 

BOO! Tackle HUGZ!!!

Hello Nomads. I can't believe it's been a year. Time goes so fast when you are busy with work and that pesky thing called RL. I have vacation time coming up, maybe I'll vacation on Atys. LOL


#18 [en] 

aaahhhhhhhhh helloooooo
Nomad Queen!!

your to do list from the King is as follows:
-open client
-log in to your account (you can now even if not subbed)
-join channel
-(stay logged in or not, optional)
-go to
-now you can see the channel from phone/browser
-no excuse not to be around :)

We all hope to see you when you have time.
Totally understand about RL.
Was away for a year myself.


#19 [en] 

Calling out other nomads, stop slacking and log in once in a while ;)


#20 [en] 

Still around every now and again after a hectic year.

Soon be online from Ireland!


Jahuu did you ever find Notso in Ireland trek?? :D
Calling out other nomads, stop slacking and log in once in a while ;)


#21 [en] 

Whenever a Kami Nomad logs on, Contumacious (Notso's ALT) would like to join Nomads please.

TY from the Fashion Diva

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