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Ever since I was in Silan (three years ago) in the "jungle" area when I was killing the Kirosta, I have seen these "ghostly things" that seem to be related with the Kamis.

I see them when I kill Psykoplas, and other such critters.

What is up with these things? Is this in the Ryzom canon somewhere?

Just wondering....


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The Kami are always watching! They can take on various appearances, and stand vigil over the plant kingdom. Just like when you are harvesting a node, you don't see the Kami but "technically" that Kami bar is a Kami presence, watching you extract resources, making sure you don't destabilized the planet's equilibrium. That apparition is just a reminded that the kami are watching you - always!


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Hmmm... Are you saying in any manner that the Kami are evil or untrustworthy?

As one who is Blessed By Ma-Duk, I hope that you are not saying that, as the Kami are the faithfull protectors of the plants in atys, even though the BRAINS I HAVE KILLED, are a Pain In The A**.

In other words: It makes sense what you have said concerning the Kami.

PS: Do you mean to say that the Kami watch me in my apartment? When I am naked?


I need me a new tag line on my messages!
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