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Quick notes:
new horizons is the city-to-city transport within a region
faction points buy you nice things within that region
giving new horizons occupation items (maps, flowers, water, tools) helps the meks transport us, and gives you dappers and faction points

Summary: If you are 35+ race fame and you have NOT logged out (if you just turned in half your mats to get over 35) LOG OUT (most likely) to get your faction points.

Thanks to Khandoma for information and SGM Boar for looking into it.

So here's my experiment so far:
When you are -20 fame and you use new horizons to hand in 18 items you get to -1 (roughly 1 point per item, maybe some rounding going on)

When you're around -1/0 you get about 1 point for 2 items
(so 18 items = 18 points at first, then 18 = 9 points)
This seems to hold until 50 at least

After 35 you're supposed to get facton points (I got 900 for 46 fame at 18 mats, so that's 50 FP per item at about 50 fame)

There's something like a "Bug" where you might not get your points.
Allow me to illustrate with my personal example:

I was 28 tryker fame, handed in 18, got my 9 fame, ended up at 36
At that point I "should" have gotten 900 points on the next 18 mats.

I did not, but I suspect it's because you have to log OUT when you are 35+ to get the game to know that you are able to (new horizons is made with some newer systems, it updates a bit differently perhaps)

So If you are 35+ and you have NOT logged out (if you just turned in half your mats to get over 35) LOG OUT (most likely) to get your points.

Today I got my points at 46 fame, so I "missed" about 45,000 sap but hey, science!

Can someone confirm the points you get per mat at 100 fame? I will edit post and add that.

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At 99-100 fame, you get 10000 dappers and 200 points per product.

At fame 55(-ish), I think you also "level up", getting 8000 dappers and 80 points per product.


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