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What do you think of some (even slight) variation of stats of materials between continents? For instance a zun amber might have different stats between desert and forest?

Perhaps combinations of desert, lakes, jungle and forest mats would yield new recipes, encourage more trade, travel and exploration and new opportunities to interact with other players?

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I like the idea, and it CAN potentially be done without breaking the game.

Some finer points...

Normally you can't mix "lakes" and "jungle" mats
Just a few craft plans allow this

If they are Lakes they are blue, they are only blue if choice or higher.. normally you can't mix choice Lakes with choice Jungle... soo...

Perhaps 2 things:

1) choice things and exe things have slightly different stats but can't be mixed across lands.

2) fine and basic have slightly different and can be mixed (but stats are low so not really worth)

I would say slight means 2-5% variation or so.


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Additional thoughts

Part of the goal of making all the stats the same can logically be guessed at: equality. It would be unfair that, it certain random variations produced something exceptionally good in just one land.

I propose then
Allow the user to keep the "base stats" OR use it's slightly altered form (per mat)


3 Sha + Silvio is a standard mix, but you could do

1 Sha jungle special + 2 Sha jungle normal + silvio
or just stick with 3+3 no changes

Why? Because base recipes have been around for years and should be kept working.

It would encourage people to go to different lands, collect different mats, trade, etc, but not upset anything that is already in place

Perhaps variations should only be in non-pr mats, that could stop potential issues with sups (planning for counter arguments)


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One thing you are overlooking is that many of the best recipes call for Named/Boss mats, and not all of the best mats are from PR bosses.


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leaving mob mats as-is would probably be fine, since all named and bosses are not in all lands, there's already inherent variation


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You can mix materials from different countries if the plan is generic or from outpost (than means the item is not related to a country).

I can understand this in term of gamplay & dev, but to me, this does not make sense for the background. Amber is amber, whereever you take it.

If we could change something, we should change the plans, making them specific for each countries. When you look at maces for example, it's obvious from their aspect that they are not made with the same materials. For the hammer we can use woodnode or bones, but the zorai mace's hammer seems to be made with amber.

Plans should vary according to the item aspect -and sometimes could be the same-, but this is more complicated to implement ^^.

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based on input from Loved and Zendae I think I wish to fine tune my request in this way:
  • Keep the mats and recipes for racial equipment as they are.
  • Because the generic equipment can mix mats, have new recipes here that have improved stats with the combination of mixed mats from the various parts of the world.
I think this will
  • encourage folks even more to find and get the generic and outpost recipes
  • make these items even more special
  • add some meaningful novelty to crafting
  • give some variation between materials of different continents at a point in the game where players are digging into the nuances of harvesting (pun intended)
  • further encourage exploration and trade
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